25 Mar 2017
We all have up times and down times in our lives.  Even if you are having a downtime and you feel as though things aren’t going well in your life, you have reasons to be grateful. Just waking up each day and taking time to appreciate the gift of life and all its wonders is […]
Many people spend most of their life trying to live someone else’s life and I am sure we are all guilty of it in some way at times of our lives. (I see it so often with parents and their grown up children). As human beings we are great fixers and as we watch others […]
6 Mar 2017
We receive back whatever we put out. So if you go through your life being grumpy and bad tempered you will receive that energy back always, as that is what you will attract. Try this experiment today. If you go to work, or even in the home place or shopping mall, wherever you go today, […]
Grow your roots and wings I love nature and watch it year round. When I am troubled by something or need answers I will often just sit somewhere in nature and watch and observe the birds, insects, animals. Watch the cycles of life, walk barefoot in the grass to connect with the ground, watch the […]
26 Jan 2017
  Do you plan to find some time for yourself today? just for you, to sit quietly, refresh, renew and just ‘be’.                                                                   […]
22 Jan 2017
The gap between what we say and what we do, between what we promise and what we deliver, is like a drain in the road. The drain is where water escapes, just as our power will seep away if there is a difference between our words and our actions. Ask yourself every day, if your […]
When you make a mistake, how do you talk to yourself ? Do you beat yourself up, tell yourself off, call yourself stupid and generally put yourself  down and make yourself feel even worse ? Or do you talk lovingly to yourself , with understanding and some compassion ? Learning to talk properly to the […]
16 Jan 2017
  I am often asked what is Meditation and what is the purpose ? Many people tell me they can not meditate or they think it is hard to meditate, thinking that it means to sit crossed legged for hours saying ‘om’ whilst there are many different ways to meditate, everyone is able. Praying is […]
Do you often worry, or feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do, or think you need to do, or should be doing ?  If so ask yourself , What is most important in my life? Then keep that in front of you, write it down if you need to and read it often […]
9 Jan 2017
We all suffer stress in various ways. Stressful thoughts are our own doing. If you can see and accept that you create your own stress according to how you are responding to happenings, and how you are thinking about things. You will then see that there is something you need to unlearn as well as […]
2 Jan 2017
Wishing you a Happy 2017, make realistic goals and live your life fully, be kind always, help others, find peace within, and smile often.   Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer your goal. Elbert […]
3 Dec 2016
Your attitude is the result of the way you think and feel and therefore act. You communicate your attitude constantly with those around you, in the workplace, home, socially etc. If you create a positive attitude, filled with good feelings, finding different ways to look at and deal with negative situations, growing positive thinking, you […]