Workshop – Balancing and Energizing the Chakra System with Crystals”

Date : Saturday 25th March 
Venue :
8 Mansions, Country Mall
Time :
1130am – 2pm
Cost :
28/- BD

Early Bird Discount 25/-bd paid in full by 20th March

Not suitable for children under 12 years.

Details :
We will together discuss the Chakra system, where they are and how it affects our health and well-being. We will  de- bunk some of the myths surrounding the Chakra system, then balance the system using crystals and essences.

This is an active, practical workshop and you will be able to use your learning immediately on yourself, friends and

Reservations are essential!

Please book and Pay at 8 Mansions. Tel 17594575 or

Bank details or paypal options available






Workshop – Understanding & Healing the
7 Subtle Bodies of the Aura (Certified )

Teacher : Julie Lomas

Date : 7th – 8th  April
Venue :
Hotel, Seef District, Bahrain
Time :
10 30am – 430pm
Cost :
120/- BD inclusive lunch, Workbook, Certificate.
Early bird – 95/- paid in full March 28th.
*Attendance of 1 day only 65bd – will not be certified*

Details :

There are many layers to the Human Body, it is not just the physical body that we see. There are seven layers, known as the Aura and the subtle bodies.
The Etheric,
The Emotional Body
The Mental Body
The Astral Body
The Casual, Soul and Spiritual Bodies
As well as dealing with the Physical Body. In this workshop we will address and understand these layers, what they mean and how we can help clear and heal them. How they affect our wellbeing. Your relationships with yourself and others. How our thoughts affect us and the subtle bodies.
It will be an active and practical workshop.

Reservations are Essential. Please register and book either at, or 8 Mansions Budayia. Payment can be made at 8 Mansions or Paypal.


May - USA - Virginia Beach

Jikiden Reiki – with Frank Arjava Petter assisted by Julie Lomas
 SOLD OUT !  Please contact us for further dates and locations in the USA
Shoden, Okuden

Date : 4th – 8th May
Venue : VIRGINIA BEACH RESORT HOTEL & CONFERENCE, 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach VA 23451
Cost : 900U$
Shoden only (level 1) 375U$ Okuden only (level 2) 525U$

Shihan Kaku – ( assistant teacher) – strict criteria applies

Date : 9th – 10th May
Venue : VIRGINIA BEACH RESORT HOTEL & CONFERENCE, 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach VA 23451
Cost : 1,550.00U$ including the required re sit of Shoden & Okuden Deposit 250U$

Shihan ( teacher ) – strict criteria applies

Date : 11th May
Venue : VIRGINIA BEACH RESORT HOTEL & CONFERENCE, 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach VA 23451
Cost : 1,200.00U$ including required S/O& SK requirements Deposit : 250US

Details of booking

Organisors Terri Lagozzino, USA Tel 571-375-9976 after 6pm
Julie Lomas

*For details on Teacher Training Courses and Registration go to

Julie Lomas – workshops in Virginia Beach May 2017

All Details will be posted shortly Will include:
Crystal Therapy, Angelic Therapies and Dealing with everyday issues such as Stress, Worry, Forgiveness . Who I am

Lesvos Greece - September 2017
A Spiritual Retreat – Finding your Inner Smile

Arjava Petter and Julie Lomas

A profound and fun Journey of self discovery.
Date :
22nd Sept – 25th Sept – inclusive
Venue :
Erressos , Lesvos Greece
Time :
10am daily
Cost : From 580/- Euros – twin share  – early bird discount by paid in full by 1st August 2017.

Details : 

4 Day  Retreat

‘Finding Your Inner Smile’ 

Julie Lomas & Frank Arjava Petter
Eressos, Lesvos Island, Greece

22nd – 25th September  2017


This is the first time we are doing this retreat on the beautiful Island of LesvosThe proximity of the Mediterranean, the relaxed atmosphere and the good food will make it easy for you to relax deeply into yourself.

The accommodation is in typical Greek style, is simple, comfortable, relaxing, and spotlessly clean, air-conditioned, has a garden to sit in and wonderful hosts. A few hundred yards from the beach.
The retreat venue where you will be taken each day for the retreat experience is set in a Franks beautiful Olive Grove, overlooking the beautiful blue Mediterranean  with nature for your companion.

The retreat is all about ‘YOU’ and will help you to explore who you are, what your story is, what stories you tell yourself and others- and then go beyond that. You will be encouraged to stand in your own presence with ease and playfulness and be confident with who you really are. Bringing your smile to your inner being.

Each day there will be time for silence, meditation, for contemplation, for delving deeply into yourself, for growth, for learning, for creating adventure, for laughter and for being ‘YOU’ doing just what you want to do and finding that inner smile.

We will use many methods to help you. This will be enjoyable, fun and relaxing. Above all it will bring you an inner sense of peace and understanding of yourself.
Besides that you will learn many useful tools to take forward into your life.

Julie and Frank have a treasure trove of experience and wisdom to share with you and they will encourage you to have fun, enjoy, relax, heal and smile.
We can’t wait to welcome you to Lesvos!
A very brief outline of the proposed schedule 
 Day Zero – Arrival at Mytiline Airport, Lesvos,
Transport from Mytiline to Eressos  – This is at your own expense, We can arrange transport at a cost of 70 Euros each way for a private pick up, which can be shared with others if all arriving together.

Each day there will be an optional short Tai Chi, or Chigoong Session- And time to just sit in peacefulness.

Day One

10 am – Start
Introduction getting to know each other.
Who are you?  Looking at Identities, beliefs and Values & the Masks we wear

Lunch – Included

Body/ mind and soul:
Part one: The body your home and temple.
Activity – Out of the Box

6 PM The beach and a swim to an island off the shore. If anyone wishes to do this – not compulsory J
Private time for relaxing and thinking and enjoying life

8pm Dinner –  included – (Beach Meditation not compulsory )

 Day Two

10am Start
The mind: your greatest enemy and your greatest treasure.  Learn to use the mind when needed and to shut it off when it is in the way of being.

Clean up your life.   If you were to die today, what would you regret? What did you always want to do and never did?
Lunch  – Included

Activity  –  Out of your box – Hidden Talents

Relaxation time
Evening free.

Day Three

10am start

The Soul: Beyond body and mind, learn to look at, be in touch with and act from your soul.

Lunch – included

Activity – Creating Adventure – The imagination at its best

8 PM Dinner – included – Fireside and traditional Greek Bouzouki music entertainment. Fun and relaxing

Day Four

10.30 am Start
More tools to take home.
Activity – Healing the way – Transformation

Lunch – included

Activity –  I AM  – The future is now – Going forward, your life is waiting.

For more information on Julie and Frank check out their websites or email us for more information.   email :      email :



About Eressos – Retreat Location

The village of Eressos is located at the South-Western corner of Lesvos Island in the North Aegean. It is well-known for being the birthplace of Sappho, the most loved poetess of Greece born around 630 BC. Another famous Eressian was Theoprastus, the successor of Aristotle and the founder of botany. He is seen as the first environmentalist.
The weather will be between 18 degrees Celsius at night and 27 degrees during the day. It usually does not rain in September but bring a light raincoat just in case.

Don’t forget your swimsuits !

Retreat Venue- Set in Frank’s  Olive Grove over looking the Mediterranean Sea, Nature as your companion.


Victoria’s Apartments

Skala Eressos,
81105 Eressos, Lesvos Island
Tel: +30-22530-52003
Website: (unfortunately Greek Only, but check out the pictures) Email:

Transport to Eressos from Mytiline  – Optional: Euro 140 return ,- (This can possibly be shared with three people,) We can arrange that once we know who is coming and when.

Bus: It is possible to go by bus, but it is hard and there is only one bus per day.

Rental Car: It is possible to rent a car at the airport in Mytiline. It is cheaper if you arrange it from abroad.
For more information

Directions to Eressos available on request.


Retreat Cost Per Person  (Paid in full by 1st September 2015)

Costs Include : 3 Nights accommodation, 4 lunches, 2 Dinners, retreat fees, drinks & light snacks in the retreat centre.

Euros  670/- pp            TWIN SHARING BASIS    
Euros  715/- pp            SINGLE OCCUPANCY BASIS

Euros  680/- pp           TWIN SHARING BASIS in a Studio apartment
Euros  667/- pp           TRIPLE SHARE BASIS in a Studio apartment


Euros 570/- pp       TWIN SHARING BASIS
Euros 615/- pp       SINGLE OCCUPANY BASIS


Euros 580/- pp       TWIN SHARING BASIS in a Studio apartment
Euros 567/-pp        TRIPLE SHARING in a Studio apartment

*Bank Transfer details for payment given at time of booking* or Paypal
It can be paid in Bahraini Dinars, UK Pound and U$ If this is easier for you.

Booking Deposit : 100 Euros,  Non Refundable as admin charges.


Full Fee must be paid by  1st September 2017

*Cancellation Policy :* 

30 days prior to retreat 30% refundable

Less than 30 – 14 days 10% refundable

Less than 14 days 100% Non refundable

Booking Deposit : 100 Euros,  Non Refundable due to admin charges.

In unforeseen circumstances should we have to cancel the retreat all monies will be fully refunded

Not Included :  Breakfast, Airfares, Visas, Travel Insurance (Recommended) Medications, Airport or other Transfers to and from hotel other than stated, Alcoholic Drinks, personal incidentals, tips, laundry etc.
Please note you are responsible for making your own airfares bookings and any required visa’s to Greece.

*Additional Days can be booked at the Apartment, pre and post the retreat at special rates. These must be booked and paid in advance. Please ask for details

Through experience we have allowed for Breakfast at your own pleasure.  There are many café’s and small stores in walking distance where you can take a leisurely Greek or heavier breakfast at the beach, or in the village and soak up the truly beautiful morning atmosphere on the island. Or you can purchase your own breakfast to eat in the garden or on the beach or in your own room.  Light snacks and drinks will be available in the Dojo.


Further details will be posted shortly on my website and on Frank Arjava’s website

October - Bahrain
Workshop – Healing, cleansing and how Chakras affect your Relationships

Teacher – Julie Lomas

All Details will be posted shortly

November – Bahrain

Teacher Julie Lomas

Angelic Connections
Building Trust
Importance of being Grounded

January 2018 – Heald Green , England Uk.
Jikiden Reiki – Shoden Okuden Levels

Teachers – Frank Arjava Petter – Assisted by Julie Lomas

Date : January, 20th – 24th
Venue : Heald Green, Cheadle Cheshire SK8 – full address at time of booking
Time : 10am – 530pm
Cost :

Shihan Kaku (assistant teacher ) – strict criteria applies

Date : January  25th – 26th
Venue : Heald Green, Cheadle Cheshire SK8
Time : 10am – 530pm
Cost :


*For details on Teacher Training Courses and Registration go to