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Julie on Betrayal: Whether the betrayal happened yesterday or way back in childhood, a sense of loss is involved & grieving is a necessary part of the healing. Comfy Slippers and a Cup of Tea P.92

Beating Fear
Julie on beating fear: We tend to over-dramatise situations, but when we put them through a concious analysis, we are able to see them for what they really are. Comfy Slippers and a Cup of Tea P.78

Julie on you: Everyday on the wings of your thoughts let there be only love, compassion & peace. The you will radiate your bliss. Comfy Slippers and a Cup of Tea P.217

Julie on Forgiveness: To 'forgive' means to 'give space' to the toxic energy of the un-forgiveness and guilt to be able to move on. Comfy Slippers and a Cup of Tea P.97

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Integrated healing with Julie

Balancing the mind and the body so the healing can begin

Working on issues from forgiveness and letting go to self worth and spirituality, I will give you the tools to help you grow, get well … change your life.

I don’t do the healing, you do. I have a natural ability and an irresistible drive to:

  • Help people understand that only they can change their lives, and
  • To guide them to manage their own healing by taking them from victim to self-healer mode.

In fact, I believe this is the only way real healing can happen.

I combine all of my areas of expertise – personal and business coaching, Reiki, crystal healing, color therapy, meditation, and visualization – to create my own unique integrated healing approach.

I teach, run workshops, do one-on-one healing, and write to over 2,000 people who receive my newsletter.

By forgiving, you free your mind, allowing an opening for better memories and moments resulting in a much happier, healthier, joyful, and peaceful life. Comfy Slippers, p. 100

Holistic Stress Management and Personal Development Facilitator
Holistic Stress Management and Personal Development Facilitator
Life & Spiritual Coach
Life & Spiritual Coach
Jikiden Reiki Shihan / Practitioner
Jikiden Reiki Shihan / Practitioner
Holistic Therapy/Teacher
Holistic Therapy/Teacher
Divine Wisdom Practitioner /Teacher
Divine Wisdom Practitioner /Teacher
Crystal Therapist /Teacher
Crystal Therapist /Teacher

Inspiring people to Engage in their own life

Julie offers a range of treatments, therapies, coaching, and workshops to provide healing and empowerment to her clients.

Whether you are looking for a better way to manage your personal or corporate stress, assistance dealing with emotional problems, or simply improved spiritual enlightenment, Julie can help you.

We all have self-beliefs, but many of our beliefs hold us back instead of moving us forward. Comfy Slippers, p. 168


Comfy Slippers & a Cup of Tea

Written by Julie Lomas

Now available on Kindle, and in Stock at 8 Mansions,Country Mall, Budaiya, Bahrain.

Being patient is a creative process. The first step is to admit and acknowledge that your impatience is entirely your own creation. Like all your other creations, the process begins on the screen of your mind. Comfy Slippers, p. 145

Julie with self-help author and motivational speaker Joe Vitale
Julie and bestselling author and entrepreneur Jack Canfield
  I was at a very low ebb when I met Julie I had no direction in life, both relationships and my work were a disaster zone She actually listened to me and she actually heard me! The next thing I
Daniel – Bahrain Julie completely helped me change my mindset and turn my life around
If you want to change your life but don't know how, go see Julie !! I went to her for several coaching and therapy sessions, my life was at rock bottom, no job, divorced, no direction and playing a victim role
Mick – Saudi Arabia
I once heard about Julie Lomas from a complete stranger and he advised me if ever I got the chance to meet Julie to make sure I did.  I started to google her name immediately after hearing this and like magic she
Gabrielle – Ireland
“I have had the opportunity to take several of Julie’s workshops in Bahrain, and I just adore them! She is knowledgeable and has a lovely way of making information relevant and easy to understand.  Because Julie is
Rien Cassidy – California USA
I joined a Reiki course this past February, and there I met Julie. I've then learnt that she was teaching few more healing modalities and because I was impressed during the Reiki workshop, I joint her again. This
Lilly – Saudi Arabia
Thank you for helping me on my journey to balance the physical and spiritual influences in my life.  As I reach each crossroads, you are there to help me find the inner peace to quiet my mind and choose a fork in
Tony Bahrain
What I love most about Julie’s workshops is the beautifully simple and pragmatic ways she puts things. Spirituality has never been so easy to understand and practice. Little things on a daily basis can make all the
2T – Kuwait.
Julie truly is a remarkable person. Her insight into what is going on around her is truly unique. She has a special gift of understanding and enlightenment which is hard to understand but totally appreciated. Her
Tom – Abu Dhabi
Clairvoyants are many, but Julie Lomas is one of a kind. Her clarity is refreshing and her open heart and mind make it easy for clients from all walks of life to listen, evaluate and find their own way. Most
Frank Arjava Petter – Greece
It amazes me how your newsletters always come at the right time. It is like you know what I need 🙂 Thank you 🙂
Sahar – Saudi Arabia
I first attended one of Conscious Connections ‘Stress Management and Relaxation’ workshops, under duress, my company had told me I had to attend and I can honestly say I was not thrilled at the thought. However a
John – Dubai
With a decade's experience as a corporate lawyer, and used to a very rational and analytical approach to most things, I was somewhat sceptical whether the workshops offered by Conscious Connections would be
Sandra – Luxemburg
My company arranged a ‘stress management and energy workshop’ with Julie for our annual ‘Away Day’, we are a small company of mainly men, dedicated to our work and will often work 36 hours or more straight if we
Juny – Bahrain
Julie gave me my life back! Pure and Simple! She showed me the way my thoughts and my attitude was destroying my life. She took me out of playing victim and made me take responsibility for my own life. I was
Samson – Bahrain.
If you only ever go to one workshop on holistic and spiritual ways, go to one of Julie’s, her gentleness, her perception and her ability to pull you up when you are being pathetic because you really cannot pull the
Marius – Athens
It was a beautiful experience knowing Julie and the guidance she had given me during Jikiden Reiki workshop has been very helpful. The Angel Meditations are very calming and releases oneself of chaotic thoughts. I
Priti Kalria – New Dehli
I first met Julie at one of the Angelic workshops and I immediately felt at ease in her company and found her words of wisdom soothing and so full of truth. Julie is as inspirational and motivational in her public
Cecile – Bahrain
In 2010 I experienced the most hurt I have ever had to contend with. I was abroad away from all my immediate family and terribly lonely. So hurt, lonely and becoming very angry, I consulted my dear friend and healer
Victoria – Spain
The moment I met Julie I knew my life was about to change in the best possible way. I was attending her 'who am I ' workshop her in Reno. With her incredible energy and insight she was able to cut through the layers
Joan – USA
I had the privilege of completing my Reiki level I course with Julie in Bahrain. I found her to be professional and able to communicate across all borders and on all levels. I always felt relaxed and comfortable in
Desiree – Bahrain
I was enthralled by the Angels workshop and it was wonderful to be given an insight into a dimension that I knew next to nothing about – big thanks to Julie for all the energy you put into this. You mentioned the
Jane – London
I attended the Stress Management Class...Excellent!!!! I was inspired to believe there is hope for us all.
Thank you Julie for such an amazing day I feel as if a large weight has been moved, which is lovely. I will certainly be coming back for more. I think this is the start of a journey for me, into areas which I have
Rod – Bahrain
Thank you for talking to me at the Dubai Show last week and thank you for the encouragement that you gave me. I thought that your stand was the best at the show. Your Angel talk was truly divine and awesome.
Julie, I have attended many holistic workshops across the globe and I can truly say that your workshops are amongst the most powerful I have ever experienced. You are a force to be reckoned with in the healing world
Attended my first ever Christmas Angel Workshop in December 2006. Not quite sure what to expect, I found it the most unique, amazing and spiritual experience - one which far exceeded my expectations and one which
M – Bahrain
I attended a manifestation workshop run by Conscious Connections earlier this year. At the time I was heavily pregnant, with a baby in the transverse position. During the workshop I focused on getting the baby to
Sandra – Bahrain
I was at a low ebb when I visited Julie at the Wellbeing Show. I am a Reiki Master but felt unconnected for sometime however on meeting Julie I felt calm, happy and in the presence of angels once again. While
Marina – Dubai

  The soil needs the seeds, and the seeds need the soil. one only has meaning with the other. The male knowledge joins the female