About Julie

I love to help people obtain better, happier lives – to give them tools to help them move on, grow, get well, and change their lives. I do this through individual therapy sessions, workshops and events, and by training students of Reiki and other alternative therapies.

Reiki once helped me recover from a serious illness. It was this experience that led me to go to Japan and study at the prestigious Jikiden Reiki Institute of Japan. I studied under the vice president of the Institute, Frank Arjava Petter. Frank is a renowned Reiki expert and historian who has lived and trained in Japan for many years, and has published many books on Reiki. I now teach at and organize events with him in the Middle East, Manchester UK  and Virginia Beach USA .  I also teach it myself in the Middle East 

I use Reiki along with professional life coaching, other holistic and spiritual practises such as crystal and colour therapy, meditation and visualization, and stress management techniques in a unique way, that I call integrated healing, to enhance my clients’ intuitive development and improve their lives. I do this in person and on Zoom/other online modalities

My specialties are personal development, self awareness and holistic healing, letting go, life/ soul /business coaching, energy awareness in business and personal lives.

Professional Bio

Julie is a best selling author, award winning writer and blogger with thousands of followers, Life coach,  personal development facilitator, stress management and energy awareness facilitator, spiritual and holistic coach/practitioner/teacher and seminar speaker. She focuses on inspiring people to bring change into their lives so they are able to lead the most inspired authentic and creative lives possible.

She is a registered Life and Business Coach with the Institute of Human Development UK, Reiki Master registered with the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan, a registered teacher with the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists, a teacher with the Hazel Raven College of Biodynamics.

Julie brings healing and personal fulfilment into the lives of her clients and into the mainstream business world, addressing areas such as confidence, self esteem, values, and stress management, in addition to teaching holistic therapies, energy awareness in business and personal life, and spiritual development.

Julie is also an advocator of standardisation of correct teaching and practises of holistic therapies and practices