Destiny is a much talked about issue. What is destiny? How do we know what our destiny is? I am often asked this when I have new clients or in workshops I am running. People usually ask me if an opportunity they have just been given or obstacle that is on their path is a sign about their destiny […]
Are you feeling lost? Stuck? Confused don’t know which path to take? We all feel like this at times and the longer these feelings linger the stronger they become and the more tangled up with emotions. It can be so frustrating, completely energy draining and you just seem to get into a deeper rut with no way out […]
What do you do when something goes wrong in your life, at work or at home, or not how you planned things to go? Does it become a disaster in your mind, showing that you are terrible or incapable, or something along those lines. The best thing to do in any situation is to take a breath and consider […]
10 Apr 2016
We all age from the moment we are born, it is something we cannot escape from in any way, it is life! Everything ages and I mean everything! The graying of hair and the wrinkling of skin is indeed inevitable, I personally call the wrinkles wisdom lines. Resisting aging is like trying to hold back […]
4 Apr 2016
Without enthusiasm life becomes a sad and not so great experience. Anyone can become enthusiastic for a little while but to keep enthusiasm steadily flowing through our life is a times difficult and can seem like hard work. However, the secret is quite simple: live in a state of appreciation and gratitude. Instead of moaning […]
Never search for happiness in others, This will make you feel alone, But search for it in yourself For that is where you find it And you will feel happy even if you are left alone.
1 Apr 2016

Don’t let the distance to be travelled deter you from the first step
23 Mar 2016
We all want a world of peace, but peace has to start inside you as individuals first, then and only then can it grow. So start with finding that peace inside your self then spread that peace. We all have to take individual responsibility for our life and for the world we live in. The […]
Every day you can start a new. You are the creator of your own life, you are your own story. Every day is an opportunity to be creative with your life, the canvas is your mind, the brushes and colours are your thoughts and feelings, the scene is your story. The picture is a work […]
6 Mar 2016
Self-control is not just about suppressing emotions or tolerating the pressure of circumstances. Self-control is about being the creator of your thoughts and feelings, to be creative and find new answers. This helps you to remain calm and thoughtful and not easily distressed. It is about not letting life get on top you you, but […]