29 Mar 2024
A surrender box is a tool to let go of our burdens so the universe can take care of them for us. There are times when our minds become too full. Our to-do lists, worries, plans, and dreams may be so crowded together in our heads that we don’t have room to think. We may […]
Grow roots and wings I love nature and watch it year round. When I am troubled by something or need answers I will often just sit somewhere in nature and watch and observe the birds, insects, animals. Watch the cycles of life, walk barefoot in the grass to connect with the ground, watch the clouds […]
Personal History and your freedom   What people so often don’t realise it that the re-running of their personal history often is killing their own freedom. For they are living in the past and the energy that holds them there. Freedom has no history! Freedom is now, the moment, the now.   Most people’s stories […]
Are we afraid to know who we really are? The more I observe the world around me, the people I see and meet, read and listen, in both my private life and in my work. It seems to me that much of our life span is spent in temporary pursuits, and very few actual moments […]
Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding, with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex; But eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull […]
At this present time the world is in a great state of flux and change, lives and attitudes to life are changing. Much of the change has been forced on us all whether we like it or not.  The world is indeed a very different place in many ways after the covid virus pandemic, it […]
22 Mar 2023
So many of us spend so much time thinking, but never really getting much done. Thinking about what if, and possible scenarios of happenings in our lives, most of which will never happen, cluttering our mind with constant chatter and noise. Or we constantly think as this keeps our mind occupied and stops us dealing […]