The more I observe the world around me, the people I see and meet, read and listen. In both my private life and in my work. It seems to me that much of our life span is spent in temporary pursuits,                            […]
Life is short, it is not a dress rehearsal , it is the real event and one chance live story. Enjoy it, live it, don’t put things off waiting for a perfect time or moment that never comes. Dont let others put your off doing what you wish to do, because of their own fears […]
    As the saying goes ‘’We are what we think’’ and I really believe that. George Bernard Shaw said ‘’People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are or are not’. The people who get on in this world are the ones who get up and look for the circumstances and   chances that […]
In general as human beings we are normally kind to people who are kind to us. However when someone is not behaving well towards us, we tend to change our attitude, response and behaviour toward that person.                                       […]
22 May 2021
People often say to me they wish they could say what they want to say without thinking they are going to upset someone, so swallow their words instead. Or don’t speak up when they see an injustice, or in the work place don’t say what they want to say or share ideas in the fear […]
  We are all very good at putting things off, thinking I will do that next month or next year, there’s plenty of time. And then suddenly you have reached 65 or 75 or 80 and you never did write your memoirs, autobiography, or that novel that was inside you dying to be written. Or […]
4 Apr 2021
I often think we are missing a great learning where our education is concerned. We are taught how to read and write about history and geography and lots of other stuff we never seem to use again except for the exam at the time. Yet life has so much more to offer, is about so […]
There is a misconception that change must take years, months or weeks . But the truth is, it takes the moment we decide to be different, to be better, To change what we no longer want, to love more and to not let your past stop you. Remember this You are not the stories of […]
An almost guaranteed way of creating, inadequacy, sadness and unhappiness for ourselves is when we compare ourselves with others.  We see the ‘perfect lives’ the ‘successful lives’ that everyone seems to live and be sharing on social media, Facebook, Instagram etc. We don’t see their despair, or unhappiness, anxiety, illness, anger, loneliness, etc because  they […]
7 Feb 2021
You are not going with the flow. You are the flow You are always creating the stream, the river, the current With every thought and with every breath with every step. You are the flow, you choose the direction Allow yourself to truly flow and be you. Resistance is futile Blessings Julie
In the end we can only change that which is in our power to change. We cannot ‘fix’ that which is not ours to fix. Care for ourselves, each other, our families and  then if possible, expand that into the area where we live. Taking responsibility for our own actions an act of love, not […]
It doesn’t matter for how long a room has been dark, A day, a week, a year, or for 100 years or more. The moment you bring in a candle, the darkness vanishes like it was never there. Similarly, it doesn’t matter for how long we are stuck in a sense of our limitations or […]