Aging Gracefully

We all age from the moment we are born, it is something we cannot escape from in any way, it is life! Everything ages and I mean everything!
The graying of hair and the wrinkling of skin is indeed inevitable, I personally call the wrinkles wisdom lines. Resisting aging is like trying to hold back the tide of the ocean. Accepting it is the way into a graceful more peaceful life and the possibility of truly living and even relaxation and enjoyment.
We are bombarded all day everywhere we look by the media, Radio, TV, society the marketing and advertising people and their determination to convince us that the tide can be beaten back, or at the very least, kept at bay.
As a consequence we count the grey hairs, worry and fret over the length, depth and amount of wrinkles, the few pounds we put on over the years, the changing shape of our bodies. We get upset over not looking like the airbrushed stick thin unhealthy bodies of the models and celebrities we are suppose to look like if we are to live a happy life according to some unseen force! We end up spending our time and attention on our bodies and faces. Then we start to create anxiety and worry as the wrinkles and grey hairs appear and our bodies do inevitably age and it is impossible to look like the unreal airbrushed unhealthy looking models we are supposed to look like. We cannot look 20 years old at 70, or if we did we would not look real either. Our bodies and bones will still start to ache and slow down it is a natural inevitable occurrence.
Yet when we truly know ourselves, we know there is much more to us than this physical body we live in, that we are soul and spirit and eternal, and then all those subtle tensions start to dissolve. The real us our spirit and soul never ages, never grows old, never dies, only our bodies do.
Learning to know ourselves as what and who we are is the doorway to the graceful acceptance. That is then both liberating and relaxing in its self. If you think about it you or meditate on it will find the truth in it, or give it some thought room in your head and it may give you some sense of freedom and then some relaxation in the knowing and the understanding.
When we look at pictures of the aged wrinkled faces of some of the very old, we can see their beauty, and we see the tales and their life experience in them and when those wrinkled seniors smile all you can do is smile back and think..that person has truly lived! They have aged gracefully.
Love and Ageless Blessings


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