Grow roots and reconnect

Grow roots and wings

I love nature and watch it year round. When I am troubled by something or need answers I will often just sit somewhere in nature and watch and observe the birds, insects, animals. Watch the cycles of life, walk barefoot in the grass to connect with the ground, watch the clouds float. It grounds and center’s me and often brings me back to a place of peace. I also can often find answers that have been alluding me.

Nature in winter astounds me, and I can watch it for hours always in awe. It reassures that the cycle of life is endless and that there is always rebirth and hope and there is always balance.

Balance is best found in the ground beneath our feet. From here we can plunge down into our core or reach up into the infinite sky. Bringing our attention to our contact with nature reinforces our belief in our creator and our connection to everything

We all need to be humble once in a while’ and the funny thing is that when we go back down to earth we are more aware of the power of nature and when we remember that we are a part of nature, we remember that we are a part of that power.

We all have a free and loving spirit inside us. Many, if not all have a wild spirit at our core, kindling our belief in that inner strength, assuring us that we can invoke it and use it to do our bit for the good of all.

I have full faith that we can open our wings to the stars with grace while remaining steadfast and rooted. There is peace and stability in the virtues of good old fashioned, home grown human nature.

It doesn’t take scientific discoveries to take us back to our true nature! And it certainly doesn’t need social media !

We do it ourselves, by being present in our own life, which makes you feel instantly better.

In this way we can encourage a way of community, love and respect for each other and for our planet. We are all as important as everyone else and we are all connected on some level.

Nothing ever stays the same in nature or in life, everything ebbs and flows. This is energy, we are energy and from this energy comes the change and the connections to all.

Respect yourself and respect one another for your differences and for each other’s ideals and beliefs, feel your connection to all that is and know you are here because you are meant to be.

Connect back to nature and your roots and observe. You will soon find a peace with-in.

Best wishes

Julie Lomas

Julie Lomas

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