So many of us spend so much time thinking, but never really getting much done Thinking about what if, and possible scenarios of happenings in our lives, most of which will never happen, cluttering our mind with constant chatter and noise. Or we constantly think as this keeps our mind occupied and stops us […]
When someone disbelieves us, we usually argue back and try to prove our point. We often then find that the more we talk, the less people listen. Unable to convince them, we end up frustrated, maybe even angry. Instead, when someone challenges your words, you could think about whether they might be right. Rather than […]
One of the biggest diseases of the mind and unhappiness is ”over-thinking”, especially too much thinking about others: Constantly thinking about what they did, why they did it.   What they should do, what they should have done, what they said, what you wished they had said, why they spoke at all. Why are they doing […]
Each day is a blank page in the Diary of your life . The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can . Only you can fill your diary and only you have the choice of what you put in it. Everyday is a new beginning and a […]
Watch your thoughts, they are energy and they become words, Do your best to think only good ones, say only good words, positive words Watch your words, all words are powerful, they become actions and they in turn can become beliefs, don’t say words like, try or can’t , use only positive ones like I can […]
We may not think so, or we may not think about it at all, but the most important part of you is your mind (not your brain) If you think of it like a computer the brain is the hardware and the mind creates the software. The mind is the most amazing piece of software […]