I often think we are missing a great learning where our education is concerned. We are taught how to read and write about history and geography and lots of other stuff we never seem to use again except for the exam at the time. Yet life has so much more to offer, is about so […]
An almost guaranteed way of creating, inadequacy, sadness and unhappiness for ourselves is when we compare ourselves with others.  We see the ‘perfect lives’ the ‘successful lives’ that everyone seems to live and be sharing on social media, Facebook, Instagram etc. We don’t see their despair, or unhappiness, anxiety, illness, anger, loneliness, etc because  they […]
You are not going with the flow. You are the flow You are always creating the stream, the river, the current With every thought and with every breath with every step. You are the flow, you choose the direction Allow yourself to truly flow and be you. Resistance is futile Blessings Julie
In the end we can only change that which is in our power to change. We cannot ‘fix’ that which is not ours to fix. Care for ourselves, each other, our families and  then if possible, expand that into the area where we live. Taking responsibility for our own actions an act of love, not […]