We are three weeks into the year 2020 the start of a new decade. Maybe not much has really changed and the world seems as weary as it was in 2019. At the beginning of a New Year and especially a new decade most people feel optimistic that the year/decade to come will be better […]
At this Christmas time and season of goodwill to all, being celebrated in much of the world for its message of hope and love And a time which is meant to be spent with families and loved ones Let’s remember those less fortunate than ourselves… Those who cannot be at home for many reasons…work, financial […]
Today is the winter Solstice, the deepest part of winter. The longest night of the year In the old ways it was the celebration of winter and it was a time to celebrate the birth of the baby sun, (a bit like the celebration of the birth of a baby boy in Bethlehem 2000 years […]