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There are many excellent books written on the Chakras. My intention here is to show you a very brief outline of what each represents.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which roughly translated means “wheel” and refers to one of seven main energy center’s in the human body. Each Chakra resonates to a different colour through which life energies flow.

The Body and its Chakras

Each center correlates to major nerve ganglia, branching forth from the spiritual column. The chakra’s also correlate to the major endocrine centers in the body, levels of consciousness, developmental stages of life, colours, sounds, body functions and elements. There are lots of minor chakra’s in other parts of the body including the hands and the feet.

Balanced Chakras

According to ancient Eastern beliefs our body has 7 chakras, or “wheels of energy” that spin and thus keeps the energy fields of our body in a healthy balance. If one or more chakras is out of balance, our whole body becomes out of balance.

It is important to keep all the chakras in balance and this is what a Chakra clearing can help us with!

People that are highly sensitive are able to feel when one or more chakras are out of balance. Once all of your chakras have been “tuned” by a professional healer, and they start “spinning” equally fast, it may be necessary from time to time to have the chakras readjusted, since we are all prone to picking up energy from our surroundings, which can influence us in both positive and negative ways.

What happens during a Chakra clearing?

There are different ways of clearing chakras. You can use a pendulum to swing over the different chakras to determine if there are any imbalances, or for those adapt at Reiki they can use Reiki to balance them.

If there is an imbalance in the Chakra the pendulum will rotate which then releases negative energy. The pendulum returns to a line/neutral when the chakra is balanced.

Another method is using a gong that is especially prepared for Chakra clearing. The gong sends out finely tuned vibrations and then I actually don’t know how exactly it works, but it makes the Chakra vibrate with pure and light and positive energy. You will possibly feel that the negative energy is leaving you.



Associated to the colour Violet, it symbolises the connection to the “Divine”. Connects you with messages from higher realms. You may experience that during a meditation your crown Chakra expands, thus allowing information and light energy to enter your aura and your chakras. Can be experienced as a pressure on the top of the head.

Third Eye Chakra


Associated with the colour Indigo, people that are clairvoyant have a well-balanced and highly used third eye Chakra. Everybody can learn to use their third eye or intuition. Governs: Pineal Gland/Pituitary.
Location: On the brow between the eyes.

Throat Chakra


Associated with colour blue. Tied to our creativity and relates how we Communicate with our self and with others. We speak our choice/truth with our throat.
Governs: Throat, Thyroid, mouth, vertebrae, teeth, gums, parathyroid, trachea.
Dysfunction: Sore throat, ulcers, swollen glands, should/neck problems, gum or teeth problems, thyroid problems. You feel pressure when you’re not communicating your emotions properly.

Heart Chakra


Associated with the colour green. The centre of the Chakras, it teaches the ability to love freely and unconditionally, a feeling of Wholeness.
Location: Centre of Chest
Governs : Heart, thymus, diaphragm,Oesophagus.
Dysfunction: Heart and lung problems, Shoulder, upper back. Blockage can manifest as feelings of inhibition, represssion, insecurity and wanting to keep things the same.

Solar Plexus

Personal Power

Associated with the colour yellow. Seat of Emotions. Gives us a sense of power in the world. This is where we learn to draw and maintain strong boundaries. This area defines our self esteem and ego.
Location : Below the Diaphragm.
Governs : Upper abdomen, liver, gallbladder, middle spine, kidneys adrenals, small intestine, stomach, pancreas.
Dysfunction: Stomach ulcers, cirrhosis, hepatitis, immune systems problems, diabetes. Blockage also manifests as anger or a sense of victimization, worry, fear and memory problems.

Sacral Chakra


Associated with the colour orange, it is the centre of our sexual functions and reproductive capacity.
Location: Lower abdomen
Governs : reproductive system, large intestine (colon)
Dysfunction: emotional problems, blocks, inability to release trauma.

Root Chakra


Associated with the colour red, This is the grounding force in our physical world, our connection to self and with earth, and empowers our very being.
Location: Base of the Spine
Governs: Lower back, legs, knees, feet.
Dysfunction: Lack of energy, inability to deal with the everyday world, ungrounded

A simple exercise that can be done with each Chakra at any time

1) Take a deep breath through your nose, counting to five, release the breath through your mouth, again counting to five. Feel yourself entering to your sacred space.

2) Start mentally communicating with the Chakra of your choice.
– What does your Chakra look like? Does it have a bright colour, or does it look dusty, cloudy, unhealthy?
– What do you feel? Follow any impression. It might be a thought, an idea, a colour, texture, picture, sound.

3) Now, place a crystal of your choice onto this Chakra – if you are inexperienced just choose a crystal the same corresponding colour of the Chakra or a clear quartz – and start breathing in the colour, it should feel quite soft, gentle, beautiful, and you will feel the vibrations, you may feel tingling or warmth or cold, or you may just feel relaxed, whatever enjoy!

3) i) If you can’t visualize, have the intent. Say to yourself:
I am now breathing in the most beautiful (colour of the corresponding Chakra you are working with).

4) Afterwards write down your experiences! And see how over time all parts of your being and experiences change and differ. You may even find patterns yourself in behaviour, illness etc.
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