Let’s work together to achieve powerful change in your life!

Coaching Sessions with Julie

Coaching is similar to going to a counseling session and taking a private healing class at the same time. In coaching sessions you are counseled, encouraged, inspired, intuitively guided and taught how to improve your own ability to access your own inner wisdom.

Coaching can help when you are in need of greater balance in your life, needing help with relationship issues, or simply feeling ready for a personal or professional breakthrough in manifesting your goals and making dreams come true. The coaching process helps clients achieve personal and professional goals faster and with more ease than would otherwise be possible.

These private coaching sessions with Julie are now available to people world-wide through Skype. These sessions can also be used to help you integrate the wisdom and guidance received in a reading with Julie. Coaching can be instrumental at any time in your life but especially when you are feeling ready for transformation or to make a quantum leap forward in your life.

Coaching sessions with Julie can help you holistically achieve personal and professional mastery. Sessions can also include coaching and consulting on health, healing, life purpose and spiritual development of all kinds.

Sessions can be done on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp

One Time Session: $150 - 55BD (60 minutes)

In your private session, I provide you with specific information to help you with your life choices, guide you in your spiritual growth, and assist you with your personal healing. It’s common to look at past lives, your present situation, and future potentials.

I approach your coaching session from a space of compassion. I am a healer at heart, and I love to help you find your answers, find your questions, and often at times find a good laugh as well.

You will leave your personal session with a feeling of lightness and clarity.

Intuitive Guidance and Coaching Readings

We all have situations which arise and sometimes we don’t know what to do. We may not know how to find the answers we need. Often if we are stressed, confused or just lost we block ourselves from accessing our own intuition and being able to see clearly.

Working with me maybe different than working with others. I am not a fortune teller nor do I predict, but I am very intuitive and perceptive and will often give you future insight. I DO NOT use Tarot Cards

I don’t predict because you have the power to change your future by the next thought or next action you take. I will help to guide and support you along your path.

As a professional life coach, I will tune into what you want to create in your life and help you develop the “next” step. One on one coaching is the fastest way to get you from where you are now to where you want to be !

With the intuitive guidance I use my many spiritual tools and perceptive gift, my own brand Awakening guidance cards & Crystal guidance cards . Using these tools I help to create a powerful framework to help you make substantial leaps forward in your life’s adventure. You will benefit from a combination of professional life coaching and intuitive guidance.

In a session I provide holistic, intuitive guidance and spiritual counsel/coaching. My goal is to help you find within you the answers and wisdom that we all have inside our deepest self. I will provide you with the information to guide you in to a more positive and clear direction! My intention is to help to provide you with guidance in alignment with your absolute highest good to assist you with your situation and healing! I can help with the following:

  • Emotional blocks, understanding roots & releasing
  • Energy blocks [and how they are related to emotions]
  • Relationships
  • Everyday life situations/concerns
  • Crystals needing guidance &/or tools
  • Understanding the root of health issues

Please do not focus on where or when questions so that you will get more than a one word answer.

Let’s work together to achieve powerful change in your life!

Sessions can be done on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp

Sessions $80 (30 BD) for 30 minutes

$150 (55D) for 60 minutes

Payment is through PayPal.

Sessions must be paid for in advance at time of booking. They are 100% refundable if your written request to cancel or change is received a minimum of 24 hours prior to the agreed appointment time.

All reading sessions are done by appointment only !

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