The Wonderful world of Crystals

These pages are for a brief overview of the wonderful often magical world of crystals


I have only touched very briefly on the subject hoping to just give you enough insight that will make you want to adventure into the crystal world yourself.

There is much more I could have written and told you but I would be writing until the end of time…

I have had many wonderful experiences with crystals and so have my clients, they change your life in the most beautiful and positive way.

Crystals work for everyone, but not always in the same way, just as our vibrations are all different so are theirs, the only way to find how they work for you is to see for yourself. Should you want to learn more my advice to you is to join a professionally run and credited course and learn properly. There are many excellent courses worldwide.                                                                                                       I myself run crystal classes several times of the year and some of the classes can lead you to a professional diploma.

I am very happy and willing to come to you to teach you wherever you are in the world as long   as you have a group of people. Just contact me for your requirements.

If you are going to learn or even have a therapy session with crystals. Be guided by your intuition and always ask how long the teachers and facilitators running the course have been using crystals and have been teaching about crystals.

Ask to see their qualifications.

Ask how the course will develop your growth and understanding and inner knowing.

I would never recommend you to take a Crystal Healing Therapy Session from someone who hasn’t got a valid professional qualification. Crystals are very powerful beings and you wouldn’t go to a Medical Doctor who didn’t have a full qualification would you ?

Disclaimer : Information contained on this web page is for information and a service only and is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment. No Guarantee is made.

Ancient knowledge and use of crystals

When we hold a crystal, we are instantly in touch with the forces that shape our planet and the elements that first formed before time in the heart of distant stars. Due to the use of Quartz in modern technology our modern world would not be possible without crystals! Crystal healing goes back to the dawn of time and many ancient civilizations have practiced crystal healing.

Through the centuries crystals have often been described as the “flowers of the mineral kingdom” and as having awesome healing and magical powers. Crystals have been found in tombs and temples of ancient Egypt, their magical and healing powers are mentioned in Greek mythology and throughout the Middle Ages crystals were often used for those purposes.

The Native Americans used different stones and crystals for their spiritual and healing ceremonies and still do, the Shamans of all cultures also used and still use crystals for the same purposes.

In today’s modern and often hectic world, many of us wear crystals as jewellery just because we like their colour or shape.  Most of these people will not even be aware or realize that crystal jewellery has evolved from the wearing of crystals as amulets, talismans and for medical purposes.
Most of us will not even be aware of the changes in our energy vibration when we wear certain crystals because we are so out of touch with our selves and with the nature world around us, for the same purpose.

Crystal energy is very pure and of a high vibration, crystals contain universal energy each one having its own special life force or property. When it is used it will raise the energy field of the lower vibration, bringing about healing.

If you use Crystals for healing others, you must be totally clear in your intent. Crystalline energies must only be used on others if you are feeling totally positive on every level of your mind body and spirit.

Crystals resonate sympathetically with all aspects of our being, including our Physical body, our emotions, our mind, our spirit and our subtle bodies.

What is a Crystal? – made plain and simple:

  1. A crystal is a mineral in its most stable form.
  2. A crystal has a recognizable structure made up of repeating arrangements of

atoms known as a crystal lattice.

  1. Crystals are the most organized and stable matter in the universe.
  2. Crystals only form from a gas or liquid solution at the correct temperature

and pressure.

  1. Once crystallized a mineral can remain unchanged for millions of years.
  2. Crystals can grow to a huge size or appear too small to be seen by the

naked human eye.

  1. The word Crystal, in Greek ‘Krystallos’ means frozen in suspension.

What can Crystal Therapy treat ?

Crystal therapy will help most conditions.

Often the effects are indirect but very potent. Other times, the effects are very direct and repeatable.

Children love crystals and attune to them very quickly, as do animals especially domestic cats and dogs and horses.

How does crystal healing work?

Research into the therapeutic benefits of crystal energies is being done throughout the world. Evidence suggests that different crystals send out different vibrations which may resonate with the frequency of healthy cells in a particular part of the human body, and they may help bring back unhealthy cells to vibrating at the same level as healthy cells.

Crystal energy goes to the deepest level of a person’s being, where many illness’s have their origins. The healing properties of the crystal are channeled by the qualified therapist to the recipient, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal its self. It works wherever the recipient needs it the most, cleansing the body of toxins and releasing blockages and energizing and re-balancing the body to create a total balance.

– Disease does not exist in a totally balanced body –

It also allows the recipient to create a happier life, and helping them to take a responsible attitude towards illness and disease. Crystal healing does not concern itself primarily with physical symptoms or with disease, from an holistic point of view these are simply the tip of the iceberg. The Human body does not stop at the skin.

The Treatment

The recipient is fully clothed and lying down on either therapy table or the floor. The therapist will place crystals on and around the body and will sometimes hold a crystal/s over various parts of the body, directing the crystal energy into the patient. This balances and energizes the patient. There is no pressure to the body which makes it ideal for everyone, even the very young. The whole body is treated on all levels physical and mental, mind, body and spirit, hence allowing all problems to be helped, treating not just the symptom. A treatment session lasts about an hour.

Crystals are gentle and non intrusive. Many people feel a gentle warmth and often tingling sensation in the body, as the treatment progresses pain, tensions and stresses are released, this brings about a feeling of well being and total relaxation, many people relax so much they will fall asleep.

Some people also report seeing lots of beautiful colours whilst being treated. Crystals will complement and increase the effectiveness of most kinds of medication and treatment.

When a crystal treatment is given by a qualified crystal therapist, it is a natural holistic way of helping a person back to balance, health, joy and happiness.

A crystal therapist / healer will not give any medical opinions or diagnosis, but will offer support for the human and emotional aspects of the problems faced.

Note : When you place crystals around or on the body you can follow certain guidelines as to their positioning. These are, however, only guidelines. When you perform a crystal healing it is just as important to follow your intuition or inner guidance as to where to put certain crystals. Always trust your intuition!

Where to Find Crystals and Gemstones

Acquiring crystals is an adventure and a wonderful healing experience in itself. It is a journey of self discovery and will last a lifetime. Once you are connected to the crystal world life will never seem the same again. They don’t cost much in their natural state, although some of the rarer stones can be quite expensive. You may find them yourself when you are walking on the beach or in the bush or along a river, as the earth is full of crystals. You can find them for sale in crystal shops that seem to be in almost all towns now a days, you can find them for sale on the internet or you may even wish to dig for them yourself, many of my friends do this, hard work but worth it they say. Crystals are everywhere and it’s more than possible you will find some in your own home that you have acquired without ever really realizing it, as crystals do find you!

For therapists it is important to know where they are from. I personally don’t like to buy ones from places that have been strip mined as I have seen for myself the devastation this causes to the earth and to the destruction of our beautiful planet. It also goes against the harmony of the Devic kingdom. So you can always ask the sales person where they mined, what are its therapeutic energies /properties.

In Bahrain we are very lucky as we have 8 Mansions, Crystal and Fueng Shui Store. Their crystals are beautiful and of the very best quality. They know their source and the girls in the store are well trained. In UK you can ask your therapist where to buy from as they will have a good source themselves. There are many beautiful stores all over the world now.

Do not be rushed by a sales person or browbeaten into buying because he wants to make a sale, be sure the crystal feels right for you.

Look out for ones that are damaged especially on the tips as this may surely make them less effective and not able to direct energy effectively, although they will still work beautifully in many cases and many of my working crystals have chips and abrasions, but they work lovingly with me and I will use them. Crystals really connect with you if you are meant to have them in your possession, so do not dismiss one that you feel is calling you, but looks chipped or not perfect, because its vibration is perfect for you and it is calling you. We always say the crystal chooses you, you don’t choose the crystal.

Vibration – does the crystal resonate with your energy field and feel ‘right’ for you. If it does you will feel sensations of positive-ness, harmony and balance.

Choosing a Crystal:  Made easy
Choosing a Crystal is a special and wonderful exercise, but perhaps it is more about the Crystal choosing you! It is an act of love, almost.

Try not to look for outer beauty or size, see which one catches your eye, or perhaps it is the one that you feel more drawn too, this will probably be the right crystal.

Do not listen to or be too influenced by other people’s thinking and advise, however well this is being given or meant.

Ask for guidance from ‘within’ yourself, if you are working from a point of love and your Heart Chakra you will be guided.

You can use a pendulum – I only recommend this is you truly know how to use a pendulum and you know it is not being influenced by your thoughts! Most people do not use a pendulum correctly.


Ask a friend to help with muscle testing or Kinesiology.

Stand in front of the display of crystals, close your eyes, take a deep breath and release all negative thoughts and emotions, still your mind and then focus on each crystal as you hold them, all the time letting them know that your intention pure.

See which stone feels really good for you.

Or take a deep breath and close your eyes and again let the crystals know your pure intentions, then open your eyes quickly and often it will be the first stone you see that is right for you, almost winking at you J.

You can also scan them with your hand, by passing your left hand over them slowly, If you are left handed use your right hand. (your left hand is your emotional side )

These are just a few easy ways to pick crystals, there are others and you may have already have worked out which is best for you.

When you are in tune with a crystal you will experience sensations of resonance, joy, happiness, compassion and balance, it will make you feel whole, calm or peaceful.

Some sensations you may feel, are:

  1. Pulsing or vibration
  2. Tingling or energetic charge in your hands or on your skin or up your arm.
  3. An electric charge.
  4. Flow of energy
  5. Glowing light or visible energy field.
  6. Humming sensations
  7. Heat
  8. Cold
  9. Twitching in the fingers.
  10. A feeling of becoming balanced or centered.

Cleansing Your Crystal

Always cleanse your crystals. No matter where you bought it from or who gave it to you, you must cleanse it to clear away any negative vibrations or physical dirt. All crystals must be cleaned before and after use. There are many ways to do this and here are a few that I like to use.

Water cleansing – hold them or leave them under a running cold water tap for 2 – 3 minutes until you feel all negative vibration has left. Or you could even put them in a stream or under a water fall etc, Note:- make sure the crystal is water soluble some like Selenite and talc are not!

Smudge cleansing – burn incense or herbs, sage, being especially good and run the crystals through the smoke, you will see the smoke cling to the crystal as it cleanses then move away when it is done, I love this way  of cleansing. Use smudge sticks that you can buy in most new age and crystals shops.

Rice Cleansing – fill a clear bowl with raw brown or white rice and place your crystals into the rice making sure they are fully covered, leave them for 24 hours, the rice will have absorbed any negative vibration. Throw the rice away afterwards DO NOT eat it.

Earth Cleansing – very good for crystals that have cleared heavy negativity from someone or have been in a very negative situation, Bury them in the earth and leave them there for a day or so. Mark the area with a stick or something so you don’t loose them.

Sound – Use ting-shaws,  ting them over the crystals, A crystal Bowl or Tibetan bowl, you can place the crystals in the bowl and ring the bowl this cleanses beautifully and quickly and even energies them a little as well.


For those proficient in Reiki, use the Reiki to cleanse them.

Flower or petal cleansing – Fill a bowl with you favorite flowers or petals, good ones to use are Rose, Bougainvillea and Lavender, place your crystals in them well covered and leave them for about 24 hours. This is a lovely gentle way and I use it often, the crystal love it, especially the quartz crystals.

Salt cleansing – only use dry sea salt to surround your crystals. Make a circle of salt and put your crystals in the centre, leave them there for a few hours or overnight, the salt will pull out any negative energy and clear them. Salt water damages the crystals and so I don’t advocate it, but you will find plenty written about it in the many books about crystals. A crystal therapist, who really has learnt well and understands the crystals, knows that it is not good to soak your crystals in salt water. Salt water erodes and can damage your crystals.

Dedicating your Crystal

After cleansing your crystal, you then need to simply dedicate it to work and be used for the highest good and the good of all. These are the best vibrations to work with and the only vibrations to work with when healing others. You may prefer to act a little ceremony  or ritual.

Hold your crystal in your hands and with pure heart, say something simple like


‘From this moment on in the name of the Great Divine/ Love, Compassion and Healing may this crystal only be used for the highest good of all”.


Make up your own appropriate words, what feels right for you.


It is important to note that only Clear Quartz crystals can be ‘programmed’. All other crystals and gemstones automatically contain their own specific programmed due to their vibrational makeup.

To programme your crystals simply hold the cleansed Quartz crystal in your hands in a prayer position at your Heart Chakra, concentrate on the energy of your choice and fill your crystal with this energy. Say something similar to

‘I intend this crystal to be a tool for healing/meditation/dream Interpretation/focus/concentration/’ etc whatever it is you wish for it to do.

Again you may act out a little ritual or ceremony. Don’t do this if your emotions are erratic or you are not feeling well or you are feeling negative etc as these emotions are powerful and will be also transmitted to the crystals and they will then emit this energy as well, negative emotions bring ill health.


Only work when you are feeling positive emotionally, in good health  and with the purest intent. You can programme your crystals during meditation.


How do you de-program, clear your crystal from an old program?


To de-programme your crystal because you wish to pass it on, or you wish to use it for something else with a different intent, just go through the same process as described above but this time your intent is to clear it and de-programme it from its former use. So de-programme and then re-programme it for its new purpose.


I myself would suggest though that after de-programming, cleanse it then re-charge it by leaving it in the sun or your chosen energy for a few hours and then re-programme. That way it;s had some personal healing itself and any residue from the previous programme will have left.


So you see, how important your intent is!  Only use your pure intent! Working only from a pure heart.

Energizing and Charging your Crystals

This is like programming your crystals, it’s filling them with a positive charge of energy when you feel they are low on energy etc. You put them out in the sunlight, make sure it’s not too hot as you don’t wish to burn them, fill them with moonlight, starlight, storm energy, sound, laughter, Reiki, Prana, Rain.

Leave them outside all day and night so they fill with the energy of nature. You can even fill them with colour.

I love to put mine all outside on the grass and leave them out for a full 24 hours so that they take in all the energy of the ever changing mother earth and nature. They come back to full energy and they sparkle and twinkle and talk to me.

I am sad for them when in the height of summer here in our Desert wilderness its far too hot to put them out, but as soon as it cools down out they go, and when we get the odd rain shower or storm in the winter months I put them all out again as quickly as I can so that they may experience the rain even if it is only for a few minutes.

Treat yours with the same love and care and they will always love you back and their energy just expands.

Healing Properties of Crystals

I have been using crystals for many years and would like to share with you some of the healing properties of the gemstones and crystals. Learn how to use these stones for true changes to your life using gemstone and crystal therapies. For me and my clients crystal therapy has energized me, helped to heal illness, helped me break bad habits, clear emotional hang ups and changed my life. This is true energy medicine.

Crystal Therapy Overview

Crystal Healing Therapy is a complementary technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns. The theory is that gemstones carry vibrational rates. By placing these vibrational rates within the aura / subtle bodies, your aura’s vibrational rates also change. Often the effects are indirect but very potent. Other times, the effects are very direct and repeatable.



The easiest way to do gemstone therapy is to wear high quality round beads around the neck. Intention strengthens the process but is not necessary.

Metal inhibits the process. If metal surrounds the gemstone, its affects are often greatly reduced (and sometimes eliminated). If Metal surrounds the crystal do make sure that it has an opening in the metal to allow the crystal to breath and vibrate easily with your own vibration.


As I say though – don’t take my word for what any one stone does – find out what it does for you. You are the best judge of what works for you.

I always use good quality gemstones. These gemstones are un-dyed, not irradiated . Beware that there are several “look-alike” glass and fake stones out there. Generally, if the cracks are darker than the crystal, the crystal is dyed.

Some Crystal Properties

Here is a very brief outline on some of the properties of a few popular crystals, but don’t take my word for it try them yourself, these are just what I find to be true, what works for one may not work for another. There are many excellent books on this subject.

Amazonite Helps to filter information passing through the brain, helps balance metabolism, enhances loving communication, helps the heart and throat Chakra, can aid the opening of the third eye; Helps improves self worth. I find that I have more confidence when I wear this stone.

Amber: Brings wisdom and balance and patience, Aids depression, memory, eases stress. Amber is great at lifting the heaviness of burdens – allowing happiness to come through. Also use when feeling cold as it warms the aura.

Amethyst: Spiritual Up-liftment. This is the great all round healer or warrior stone. Good to use for ‘detachment’ and relaxation and meditation.  Powerful healer and protector, enhances Psychic abilities and spiritual awareness, Place on all parts of the body, especially the crown and third eye throat and chest. For some people it helps with insomnia, but not everyone.

Aquamarine: It helps reduce stress, quieten the mind and sharpen intellect. Helps clear blocked communication and the throat Chakra. Good for treating swollen glands and sore throats, hold on the appropriate points, use also on the throat Chakra. Reminds one of the ocean of love and mercy.

Green Aventurine: Physical healing, works on the heart, activates and cleanses.

Calcite : Many different colours, is also an energy amplifier. Clear calcite is good for helping to remove emotional blocks, and aids memory, Pink is so gentle for healing the heart.

Clear Quartz – The Master Crystal and one of the most powerful of the healing stones. It is an energy amplifier, cleanses and enhances subtle bodies. Can be used anywhere on or around the body.  There many different types that make big differences on the use, a clear description of all the types can be found in the book ‘ A Complete Practitioners Guide to crystal healing’ by Hazel Raven

Carnelian: Balance creativity and mental processes. Carnelian is the carrier of the orange ray, it helps anchor you into the present surroundings. Influences the female reproductive organs, it warms and energises. Use on the Sacral Chakra.

Citrine: Stone of prosperity and abundance, attracts wealth and success, often known as the merchants stone. It can bring upliftment and joy as it encourages the yellow ray to support the body. This stone also helps one process energy work. Use on the Solar Plexus, wear on the throat or fingers.

Kunzite: Emotional Support, a very spiritual stone, produces loving thoughts and communication good for clearing emotional debris. It activates the heart Chakra. I use this stone to help my mind and my emotions to be more aligned. Use on the heart or third eye.

Lapis: Helps understand the mind, expands your view point. Promotes contact with the spirit guardians, helps with migraine and the respiratory system.  It is good for connecting the heart and the mind. I like to use on the throat and the third eye and hold in my hands when meditating.

Malachite: Draws out deep feelings of hurt and resentment, breaks unwanted ties and outworn behaviour patterns. Aids one’s responsibility for ones actions and thoughts. A rather ruthless crystal at times in it’s powerful direct action.

Moldavite: Expansive, Transformative, not of this world. It helps to aids communication with the higher self. I love to use on the crown Chakra and third eye Chakra, it is a very powerful and special stone.

Moonstone: Nurturing, A stone of new beginnings, soothes and calms. It helps with the female reproductive cycle, PMT, conception and childbirth. Good for meditation with the cycles of the moon. Good for calming male ego.

Black Obsidian: Grounding stone. Disperses negative energies, improves self control, removes self limitations. I use black obsidian when I have been unable to understand what is being said/shown to me when healing. Helps with pain relief.

Rose Quartz: Emotional balance. Very good for expressing and soothing emotions. Attunes to the energy of unconditional love and heals the heart, calms and re-assures. Releases blockages from unexpressed emotions, opens the heart Chakra. Use everywhere especially the heart. Helps one to take the next step emotionally. It sometimes gives out tough love, but I personally feel everyone should own some rose quartz it’s my most favourite crystal and is so good at calming and soothing the heart and mind.

Rhodonite: Emotional support, Grounds and balances. Shows both sides of the issue, stimulates and activates the heart Chakra. Useful for trauma, hold or place on the heart or where you feel appropriate.

Rhodocrosite: Change. Gives one confidence while making desired changes. Very supportive, improves feelings of self worth, expands consciousness, helps clear the solar plexus Chakra and heart.

Ruby: Energises and balances, my over stimulate, bringing up anger or negative energy, Stimulates the heart Chakra.

Sodalite: Protects from radiation and insomnia, calms the mind allowing new information to be received, as it allows rational thought.

Sugilite: Absorbs garbage from the wearer’s aura. I feel lighter when I wear this stone. It uplifts me and gives me more energy. Brings a feeling of love and relaxation, it is great to use on the third eye. Also used for help with cancer patients.

Black Tourmaline : As its strong back color indicates, black tourmaline is mostly associated with the root or base chakra. It is a very good stone for grounding, it can rapidly dispels any ‘spacey’ feelings. It seems to absorb and dissipate negativity. It helps with electromagnetic energy and also with aches and pains.

Green Tourmaline: Balances male-female energy, right and left brain , promotes compassion, opens the Heart Chakra, helps with chronic fatigue and exhaustion..

Unknown Stones:

Discover the properties of unknown stones for yourself. Find out what is true for you. Keep your stone with you as much as possible.  Meditate with it. Place it next to your bedside when you sleep at night; wear it or put it on your desk during the day. Pay attention to your moods, your interactions with others, and your dreams. Do you have any insights? Try asking the question, “What does this stone do?” before going to sleep. It may help your unconscious/higher self/your inner guide tell you what the stone does for you.


My own experiences working with crystal energy have taught me many lessons. There are, for example, people who do not seem to respond to a said crystal which is usually successful in treating their ailment. In such cases it is always worth searching for the actual cause of their problems and working out an alternative approach. For example, if insomnia does not respond to the use of violet, it might be induced by an old habit or pattern, and in that case sky blue or indigo might be worth trying.


Some people are afraid to have their problems solved. A healer I know remembers a young man who consulted him about his daily headaches. He told him that six years earlier he had had an acupuncture treatment that had eliminated his pain for three days. He asked him why he had not repeated the treatment. ‘I don’t know’, he said simply. ‘Even though he lived quite close to the practitioner, he never went back.’

There is a difference between what we’ want’ consciously and what our subconscious demands. To gradually erode the discrepancy between the two, I suggest using sky blue, indigo and orange. The orange removes the fear of the new, unfamiliar situation in which the problem no longer has the significance we are used to attaching to it.


Sometimes illness can be a sort of self-punishment to compensate for feelings of guilt. Pink helps to open one up to the vibrations of love and self-esteem. It is enhanced by the flower remedies holly and pine.


I myself had a client who regularly presented himself with the same pain in his side. No matter how many times we worked on the pain and actually removed the source, the person always leaving feeling much better and the pain relieved, a week later he would return, with the same pain. Medical Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong.  I was not the only healer to have worked on this person and all had the same results.  Somewhere in this person’s subconscious,  he didn’t want  to get better because of the attention it brought.  He is still trying anyone he can find to help, but really never truly accepts the inner healing.


If you have any questions or would like further information please email me.