I can help you understand why you feel as you do, why you have aches and pains.

I work with my clients on issues of:

  • forgiveness
  • anger
  • hatred
  • guilt
  • confusion
  • worry
  • letting go
  • self love
  • self-worth
  • confidence
  • spirituality

My clients come to me because they are looking for a way out of a painful place they are in and, while they instinctively know and understand they have to do the healing themselves, I help. I show my clients how they can heal themselves.

I call what I do integrated healing because I use a combination of therapies that I have studied for many years: Jikiden Reiki, Crystal, Colour, essences, visualization, along with my natural instincts. I combine these approaches with coaching and, when it is appropriate, I also give guidance that comes from my innate and very accurate sixth-sense.

After our sessions, my clients leave feeling different, lighter, less troubled, hopeful, uplifted and trusting; knowing they can change their lives and be happier in their shoes.


It is courageous to take the leap of faith required to open up to healing, because that requires opening up to vulnerability. This is why trust is so important.

Principles that guide me:

  1. Remaining trustworthy.
  2. Being a facilitator of the healing that my clients do for themselves.
  3. Respecting the immeasurable value of kindness.
  4. Training clients to heal themselves is as important as facilitating their healing.
  5. Only people who are truly ready for help can be helped.
  6. The world is a mysterious place, we don’t need to know the answers all the time, we get the answers when we need them.

Do not mistake tough choices with having no choices at all. …We often find comfort in a place of helplessness because it provides an excuse for why things are the way they are.

Objectives of each integrated healing session:

  1. That you feel relief; reassured that you are not going crazy.
  2. That you leave feeling happier, lighter…like a burden has been shared or lifted.
  3. That you at least have a sense that you get a hold of your life again, if you’ve been feeling it spinning out of control.
  4. That you have direction, or at least that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. That you feel stronger, better able to deal with your pain and emotions.

Some of my clients have a sense that they see and feel more than other people around them. These clients are often relieved to speak to someone who understands them.


How integrated healing sessions work

My rate per session is $150 (BD55).

Each session lasts about one hour / one and a half hours.

For first-time sessions, 2 to 3 follow-ups would be idea. Sometimes just one is enough – particularly if you are addressing just one specific issue. It depends on each individual, and you may not know until after leave each session.

After the initial 3-4 sessions, my clients will come for maintenance when they feel inspired.

  1. To begin the session, we sit together. I let you talk, cry or be silent. I will ask questions, gently probing to establish a focus for each session. I watch your body language and your emotions as I gently guide you into a space where you have the freedom to feel your emotions and thoughts.
  2. All the while, I am in observation mode, to get a feeling for the energy around you.
  3. When we’ve talked enough, we will probably pull some cards. These are a fun way to bring focus to the session. Most times, even if you don’t understand the cards at the beginning of the session, you will soon afterwards.
  4. I will use a crystal aura spray to clear the aura of the room. This special spray is made of crystals – a healing form I respect and love – helps the process of feeling calm, relaxed and grounded.
  5. At this point,  you and I will be ready to tune into your energy.
  6. This is when we move to the therapy bed, where you will lay down and get very comfortable.
  7. I use Reiki and your body and its energy to tell me more about you. I can find where you are holding your emotions.
  8. I will ask questions throughout, to guide me to where your body most needs my attention, and I will tell you what I am feeling along the way. I do get some pretty interesting insights that clients always enjoying hearing. It is validating, and often insightful, too.
  9. Some clients may open up more at this point, some feel sudden impulses to cry or express their emotions in other ways. It all happens in my safe, calming space that is created just for this purpose.
  10. My next step is to pick crystals to balance your body and start dealing with the releasing emotions.
  11. I will continue to use Reiki and/or visualisation and meditation. My clients always seem to go automatically to where we need to begin and end. Often they have breakthroughs on the first session, feeling emotions and experiences that can leave them drained but relieved and feeling safe and grounded, knowing that they can help themselves.
  12. I am always honest and I tell them exactly what I see and feel about what they need to do to help themselves.
  13. When the session is finished, we might have a little debrief if you feel the need to talk through what you experienced or to hear more about what insights your body and energy gave me.

Events in our lives often happen first in our minds and then in reality. We actually manifest our worst fears, attracting them as we think of them. An effective way to decrease fear and reduce our stress level is to imagine the worst thing that could possibly result from our fear. When we do this, we face our fear in our minds, and render it powerless.

Love yourself, you’re worth it.

The majority of people have forgotten their dreams and desires because they have forgotten who they are and what they would like. As soon as we decide to make a change in our life, the voice of self-doubt starts to creep in – a wickedly strong voice, which is very good at giving you reasons not to take action towards what you want to achieve. It is vital that you tune in and banish it.