Holistic Stress Management

Stress is an essential part of our day to day life. In correct doses, it provides the motivation and drive for us to achieve our goals. However, as we are all different, so to is the amount of stress that each one of us needs and can tolerate. Sadly, in today’s world, it would seem that most of us are living on a day to day basis with a lot more stress than we would like or is healthy for us.

While there are many forms of stress and many ways to treat stress, my approach to holistic stress management is to bring about balance between the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual energy systems. It does this though a combination of techniques including chakra breathing, colour breathing, meditation and visualisation.

What do I do?

The body’s holistic energy systems, including the aura and the chakras play a significant role in the function and dysfunction of our physical and emotional bodies.

My approach to holistic stress management begins by addressing the roles of the seven primary chakras or energy centres. Each of these has a particular set of physical and emotional functions and dysfunctions associated with it. Furthermore, I believe that each primary chakra also has a strong association with a specific basic human right – the right to speak and be heard, the right to love and be loved, for example.

By helping my clients to develop a simple understanding of each Chakra I can help them to understand how their emotional well being may be directly affected by external energies – the energies of those around us – wittingly or unwittingly. I also help them to look within themselves in order to identify the specific chakra or chakras that may be sent into a state of imbalance based upon the source or type of stress they are experiencing.

How do I do it?

Having provided an insight to how to identify stress and how to relate it to a specific chakra or chakras, I introduce a number of simple techniques to help my clients remediate the stress – the aim is not necessarily to eliminate all stress, but more to bring the levels of stress into balance.

Using chakra breathing and colour breathing, I help  clients to revitalise those chakras that have become under active and temper those may have become over active. I can also help clients to identify which chakras they may need to protect or strengthen temporarily when faced with a challenging situations (particularly useful in the workplace) in order to ensure that a greater proportion of stressful energy directed towards them is ineffective.

While many people claim they are unable to meditate, we know this not to be true. I am able to provide very simple tools and techniques which enable clients to use the power of meditation and visualisation to reduce the effects of stress in both the short and long term.

Holistic stress management is an incredibly powerful tool which can be used effectively at home, in the workplace or in any other aspect of our lives in order to reduce stress, restoring balance and harmony into our lives.

For more details on  stress management events please contact me at info@julielomas.com