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I once heard about Julie Lomas from a complete stranger and he advised me if ever I got the chance to meet Julie to make sure I did.  I started to google her name immediately after hearing this and like magic she happened to be teaching in Bahrain.  The very first time I met Julie she was assisting Frank Arjava Petter who was teaching the Jikiden Reiki at that time.  He was another amazing man and one of the best Jikiden Lecturers in the world so I was double blessed to be thought by two of the world’s most amazing lecturers.

Needless to say I have not missed one of Julie’s courses since I first met her.  She is such an remarkable, beautiful and generous lady, she makes time for everyone no matter how busy she is and she is a busy lady.  She is one of the most sincere genuine and intelligent people you will ever meet, and spending time in a class with Julie turns your whole outlook on life around.  Julie has so many followers and genuine friends, I was amazed.  Every class I attended the same people were there as I met on the last class so we had all become followers since we met her.  Some people have been attending her classes for over 20 years – to me that says it all about this wonderful lady.  She makes her classes so enjoyable and beautiful I am always so excited for about two weeks before they come up and I am on such a high after them.  Wish she had a different class every weekend.

Like the stranger said to me and I will say to anyone reading this – if ever you get the chance to meet Julie Lomas grab it with both hands as Julie is the most wonderful,  kind, generous, intelligent, and very special person, she will change your life for ever and for the better.



Julie Lomas

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