John – Dubai

I first attended one of Conscious Connections ‘Stress Management and Relaxation’ workshops, under duress, my company had told me I had to attend and I can honestly say I was not thrilled at the thought. However a few minutes in Julie’s company, her disarming smile, and eyes that seem to see straight through you and I was hooked. Her practical no nonsense approach to stress and her total professionalism and understanding made me sit up and listen. I have to say that the workshop changed my life and my way of thinking. I am a much more relaxed and peaceful person, and I my wife is constantly thanking Julie for the change in me and I thank my company. I have since been to several more of her workshops and would recommend them to any man or woman who works under stress, but also to anyone who wants to enhance their life. Julie is one of life’s special people and she really can change your life


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