Daniel – Bahrain Julie completely helped me change my mindset and turn my life around


I was at a very low ebb when I met Julie

I had no direction in life, both relationships and my work were a disaster zone

She actually listened to me and she actually heard me!

The next thing I knew through her firm yet compassionate coaching, she had stopped me feeling I was a victim, which I did like to think I was and helped me see through what I was saying to myself and my self-destructive thought patterns. I cannot say it was easy and she made me think hard and I am not a shamed to say I cried a few times. I am 40 plus years and male this was quite shocking to me . But she helped me to understand what I had to do. She held me accountable each session she gave me homework that was appropriate to the weeks session. She gave me tools that helped me in my anxiety moments and in the work place. Practical, simple and powerful . I have now changed my job and feel good. My divorce is going through, it had to for my sanity and for my kids and my soon ex wife, but we are on a better level and friends.

I cannot recommend Julie and her wisdom and coaching ways enough. Because of her I am living again and no longer on desperations doorstep.

Thank You Julie

Daniel – Bahrain

Julie Lomas

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