Juny – Bahrain

My company arranged a ‘stress management and energy workshop’ with Julie for our annual ‘Away Day’, we are a small company of mainly men, dedicated to our work and will often work 36 hours or more straight if we have a project that needs developing or finishing. None of us wanted to go to the event we all felt we had too much work to do, we all told the boss but he was adamant we should go, ( even though he wouldn’t be there ) as we just may learn something to our benefit end of story!

So the group of us decided we would be un co-operative in the workshop so it would end early and we could get back to work. What happened next was to me unbelievable and unexpected. Julie saw through our scepticism instantly, she was not fazed when we threw ridiculous questions at her, or looked like we were falling asleep. It took her a total of 20 minutes to see through each us, figure each of us out, then bring her incredible knowledge and ability to the room and zone in on each of our weakness’s. We were all humbled by the end of the morning we all benefited greatly, I feel I am better equipped now to cope with stress and certainly understand it better. By the end of the morning all 13 of us had individually, without knowledge of the others texted our boss to say, we were wrong and he was right and could we do this again. I am looking forward to this year’s event with Julie!


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