Lilly – Saudi Arabia

I joined a Reiki course this past February, and there I met Julie. I’ve then learnt that she was teaching few more healing modalities and because I was impressed during the Reiki workshop, I joint her again.

This time was about Angelic healing, I found her teaching to be well informed and well resourced too.

In both occasions, I’ve learnt so much about healing that I just want to learn more and more.

In both occasions I’ve met new and  wonderful souls.

In both occasions, I didn’t want the experience to come to an end.

The best part of all of  this  is that; since the very night after workshop one (reiki), my husband and I are sharing the same bed again, after 8yrs confinement due to my health condition (fibromyalgia). We thought we wouldn’t be sharing the bed for more than few nights,  but it has been eight weeks now and we manage to have a good night’s sleep every night.

I needed healing and I was guided to this beautiful soul who’s Julie. I am healing, my husband is healing and my cat is healing too. We’re all a happy family again.

Thanks Julie, you’re doing an amazing job!!!


Lilly – Saudi Arabia


Julie Lomas

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