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If you want to change your life but don’t know how, go see Julie !!

I went to her for several coaching and therapy sessions, my life was at rock bottom, no job, divorced, no direction and playing a victim role very well indeed. She took one look at me with her deep eyes that you feel can see through your soul, smiled at me and I burst into tears, I had not cried since a child, big boys don’t cry and men certainly don’t cry ! Well I cried and I am not ashamed to say so. She said nothing just handed me a tissue then re assured me it was normal and that my healing had begun. I have never experienced anything like it, I never even believed really, but now I do !

I have my life back, and I have a friend in Julie , I trust her, she listens and guides but never tells you what to do, she pulls it from you. I have a job again, and I am living again, there is still work to do but I am getting there and I have never looked back.  Thank you Julie and thank you for those who have also supported me in the couple of workshops I have done with Julie and the people who attended.

Julie is amazing, like a gift from the universe, who comes when your ready to move forward and heal your life.


Julie Lomas

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