Sandra – Luxemburg

With a decade’s experience as a corporate lawyer, and used to a very rational and analytical approach to most things, I was somewhat sceptical whether the workshops offered by Conscious Connections would be worthwhile. I’m not sure why I decided to try their ‘Introduction to Meditation’ workshop initially, but considered that there was not much to lose – just a few hours and the workshop fee. In the event, it was probably one of the most beneficial workshops/training I have undertaken and now I try to attend whatever workshops and training sessions Conscious Connections offer. As a result of that initial workshop, and more advanced ones following that, I am a considerably calmer person, which not only makes my busy life more tranquil, but no doubt makes me more pleasant for colleagues, friends and family too. Through meditation, I am able to reach a state where I am so calm and focussed – what I call being ‘in the zone’ – where I am particularly efficient and as a result can get through work, including complex issues, far faster and calmer than I would have previously. It is almost as if time stops when in this calm state, opening up to allow me to get through whatever I need to. Thanks to Julie and Conscious Connections I am now more receptive to other people’s ideas, and if I am honest, probably a nicer and calmer person all round.”


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