Victoria – Spain

In 2010 I experienced the most hurt I have ever had to contend with. I was abroad away from all my immediate family and terribly lonely. So hurt, lonely and becoming very angry, I consulted my dear friend and healer Julie Lomas. From the moment I took her into my confidence, she was a constant support, listener, advisor and above all a very level headed, sincere and gentle person. Her CD’s, essences and crystals became a daily must. Now as we enter 2012, I look back over the last two years. My state of mind, my anguish and lack of self esteem are all very much back to normal and I am the happy, confident and peaceful person I used to be. Julie made me learn lessons (I didn’t want to learn), she talked constantly in a positive and objective way and was always my lovely cheerful friend. I can’t praise her practices enough and if ever I feel slightly off balance, her CD’s soothe me, her thoughts for the week are always in my archives to read and above all I can E-mail her any time for a “chat”. Thank you Julie.


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