If you want to change your life but don’t know how, go see Julie !! I went to her for several coaching and therapy sessions, my life was at rock bottom, no job, divorced, no direction and playing a victim role very well indeed. She took one look at me with her deep eyes that […]
I once heard about Julie Lomas from a complete stranger and he advised me if ever I got the chance to meet Julie to make sure I did.  I started to google her name immediately after hearing this and like magic she happened to be teaching in Bahrain.  The very first time I met Julie […]
“I have had the opportunity to take several of Julie’s workshops in Bahrain, and I just adore them! She is knowledgeable and has a lovely way of making information relevant and easy to understand.  Because Julie is so personable, her workshops have a relaxed and down-to-earth vibe, and if there is a lot of healing […]
I joined a Reiki course this past February, and there I met Julie. I’ve then learnt that she was teaching few more healing modalities and because I was impressed during the Reiki workshop, I joint her again. This time was about Angelic healing, I found her teaching to be well informed and well resourced too. In both occasions, I’ve learnt […]
Thank you for helping me on my journey to balance the physical and spiritual influences in my life.  As I reach each crossroads, you are there to help me find the inner peace to quiet my mind and choose a fork in the road.  This has helped me to manage life’s many stresses, balance mind, […]
What I love most about Julie’s workshops is the beautifully simple and pragmatic ways she puts things. Spirituality has never been so easy to understand and practice. Little things on a daily basis can make all the difference; this is something I learned from my Julie.
Julie truly is a remarkable person. Her insight into what is going on around her is truly unique. She has a special gift of understanding and enlightenment which is hard to understand but totally appreciated. Her passion and energy is contagious and she is, from the very start, someone you will never forget.