Alice in Wonderland asked the rabbit, when she reached  a cross road,
Which road shall I take?”,
he asked her:”Where do you want to go?”, she said:
“I don’t know”, He replied:”If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t
matter which road you take”.

You can enjoy your life and just go where the road takes you, but sometimes if you allow yourself just to be blown by the wind, you can be so buffetted that you never find your way, sometimes this is good so you learn what it feels like and can then decide if that is how you want to leadyour life for ever.

Other times the wind lands you in the perfcet place for you…

Know who You are, What you want from life, and where you want to go. Always believe that  “ You Can have it All, although maybe  not at the same time”.

There will be phases in your life, where you dedicate yourself to one aspect of your life, and other times for other aspects. So be patient, and never lose hope.


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