21st December 2012 -The much talked about auspicious date and what you can expect

It is less than a month away, the mystical date that so many have been waiting to come. The doom mongers, the scaremongers, the seers and the clairvoyants, the unscrupulous, the well meaning and the normal every day good people of the earth.

The  date I am talking about is  the much mentioned and Prophesized 21st December 2012…….the day the Mayan calendar is said to come to an end, the day many say the world will come to an end. The day the world is suppose to change beyond recognition.  The date that is much misunderstood by many.


Many people think they will ascend to the heavens that day, many have been told they will. Many others have been sold stories and paid huge amounts of money to have all sorts of things done to them so that they ‘ascend’ and go to a better place and will not be left in the hell fire that will become the world.


There are those that have trained to literally fight with their fists because they have been told and they believe at the end will be a battle for humanity… oh yes so many stories, so many beliefs, so many sold frightening stories of what is to come and what will be, all this on official authority of people who ‘know’ because they are in the ‘know’…….I wonder where they are in the ‘know’ from? People being deliberately frightened and led down many strange paths of endurance…..cults have arisen…. all in the name of  saving humanity, large amounts of money have been handed over to ensure their souls are safe.  The unscrupulous feeding on the vulnerable by activating fears and insecurities.


This date has held significance for many over the centuries as the date the world will change in some way  or shift consciousness. The planets will be in such an alignment that it has to bring change to our ways on earth.  Some say it is the end of the world, or the world as we know it and others like myself say it is just the end of an era and planetary cycle. We can celebrate this shift of consciousness, which is  enabling us to go forward with excitement and optimism as we enter a new era or stage in our evolution.

The sun will rise just the same  as it has done since the beginning of time on the 22nd December 2012, the world around us will more than likely look and seem the same  as it did the day before  and  as it did at the turn of the year, or even the turn of the century. The change of era and the ways of the world  have actually very subtly been creeping up on us all for quite  a while, some of us have felt and recognized it, others are oblivious to it. But change has been happening and is now up on us .The speed of change  seems to be accelerating  as we near the auspicious date of  21st December 2012,

It seems to me that all the scandals being uncovered in the world, from the banking systems, collapsing economies, corrupt governments being over thrown, old ways being questioned and people having to answer for their actions, sexual abuse in large institutions such as the church, and abuse against the young and the old and peoples of the world  is all part of the shift.  The change that is going to happen, is happening.

The time of truth, retribution and reconciliation is what this new era and shift of consciousness is about.  The peoples of the world are  finding their voices, having the courage to speak out in great numbers and the world is starting to listen, we all need to listen.

The truth is finally coming out all around us, all over the  world. Government and Corporate corruption can no longer be hidden, it is all falling out of the closet and being shown to the world and they are now having to answer for it.

With this comes the huge opportunities for positive change, and people are seizing on it and it is happening.  As with any transition it isn’t always easy, and in some cases things may look worse than they were before, but eventually things will settle and will be for the better for all.  There will be some rocky times ahead, even uncomfortable and scary times, but as long as we stay calm and true to ourselves, look after our own well being and health and focus on the things we do have control over and can help, then we will be fine. The storm and hard times will pass and we will be then able  relax and start  to live with hope, peace, calm and more unity.  

It is a time of letting go, ridding ourselves of old baggage that weighs us down. We need to deal with and let go of our negative emotional beliefs, from childhood to the present. It is a great time to heal. Carrying excess, unnecessary, emotional baggage does not help us, it stops us being who we truly are and who we can be, it does not serve us in anyway. In this new era and time of truth, we need to be first truthful with ourselves. It is the time to find the help you need to let go or release this energy, let it  dissolve and die so that you are free of its limitations and can move forward  into a happier life.

Rather than resisting and holding on, it will be necessary to let go, and not fight.   Listen to your heart and lay down your burdens of heavy emotional baggage, and you will  feel lighter and freer  as the new Era comes into being.

The opportunities of this new era are limitless,  full of abundance  and a deeper connection to the true self, but it won’t come easy you will still have to work at it and meet the universe half way as always. It isn’t a magic formula that will transform everything overnight..

Lasting change doesn’t come overnight as it is a process. It will bring turmoil and as people find new freedoms and voices to demand more. They will want things to change overnight. Remember, things that have been in place for centuries take time to change. People will be restless that change is not coming fast enough, or they don’t agree with what the change has brought. It will take time for the dust to settle.

As I have said before, we all equipped for the changes the planet is going through, we are all exactly where we are meant to be. The unscrupulous will have eventually answer for their misdemeanors and those who have used this date and this new era to frighten people will have to answer more quickly than most. The pyramid selling of the soul in the name of spirituality or the saving of humanity with payment plans will be seen for what they are.

Do not be scared in the next few weeks by those who try to coerce you. You do not need any life activations of yourself or your DNA, you do not need to attend strange rituals and observe strange practices. All you need to do is be with yourself. Those who prey on the vulnerable and frighten people have often been victims themselves in the past. Some people think they simply want to rescue others or make them into victims, some just want to make money, large amounts, but all of them perpetrators in their own way. There are always karmic repercussions to this type of behaviour and it tends to produce ever-repeating patterns.

The world will not end on December 21st 2012,  there will be a new sunrise, a new day and we will go forward into a new era. The planets will be aligned and all will be as it should be. We have been entering the age of Aquarius for several years now so I feel we actually are already there.  The day will look the same, the world will look the same, but on some subtle levels something will and has shifted.

Welcome in the New Era and let’s see what happens, and I look forward to seeing you all there.

God Bless you All.

21st December 2012  is The Winter Solstice for us in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer for the Southern Hemisphere – which will reinforce this perfect time of transition


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