This Week’s Food For Thought – Why do we believe the negative

I have struggled this week to stay calm and peaceful with biased, negative and untruthful widespread media coverage here in Bahrain over the Formula 1 car race and the anti government protests.

Only negative images of Bahrain have been portrayed and only the thoughts and demands of the misguided young thugs throwing Molotov cocktails at the police, burning and destroying their own neighbourhoods and business’s and property and trying to bring this beautiful peace loving island to its knees.

There has been no coverage on the  lives or of the  voice of the majority of the peace loving citizens of Bahrain who go about their daily lives working hard and wanting the country to grow and prosper. No coverage of anything positive at all. No coverage of all the other wonderful things happening here and no coverage of the vast numbers of Bahraini’s attending the F1 races and the family entertainment around it. Only one sided, biased, irresponsible and very negative reporting.

So I was thinking about why it is deemed we only want to hear about negative things. Why the press and media want sensalization over truth and facts. Therefore the few decide what the majority want whether that be true or not. The few make the decisions. Media can make or break a person and a Country so easily. I so often wonder where real journalism went to. Why do they feed us only negative stuff. There is rarely if ever unbiased responsible reporting of both sides of the stories.

We ourselves also can break or make ourselves with our thoughts and negative self beliefs, and by listening to what others think of us and only listening or thinking about the negative side of the self.

A further entanglement that occurs in the face of these ideas about who we are and what we want, is that the negative is usually taken to be the truth.!

After all the negative is so compelling and seems so deep.

The positive is regarded as superficial and temporary but ah the negative! When it arises we believe we are really in the presence of truth!

It is as if we want to only believe negative.

When someone refuses to share a problem or something difficult in their lives we are told they are withholding, or cut off or even untrustworthy. When their problems are known however they are thought to be revealing the truth about themselves.

People take their worst fears to be truth and no one seems to point out to them that that’s what they are just fears, everyone seems to be convinced or believes that what is negative about them or their life is the truth, that they carry something rotten at their core, that they are bad deep down and will always return to the negative.

Perhaps this fear is what journalists and media moguls feed in us, and the world. They can make millions and they don’t care whose lives they ruin. They make the world a more negative place and we let them.

If they did think that would make them feel something inside which maybe an unsavoury truth would surface. But truth cannot be heard or positivity, because they won’t fill the pockets and the bank accounts and they couldn’t possibly let the truth be known because holy smoke they just then may be out of a job, and holy smoke it would mean there are two sides to every story! And there can never be two sides to a story…there can only be the negative..negative sells media space and builds more fear and anger..and so the cycle begins again..

Be truthful with yourselves, know that there is always two sides to everything and then stay with the positive, it makes for a much happier and peaceful life.


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