Pyramid selling of the soul in the name of spirituality and the saving of humanity with their payment plans, and cults really make me very mad, unscrupulous people abusing the vulnerable.
If it really was to save the world and humanity then it would be free to all, numbers wouldn’t have to be reached and minds and lives wouldn’t be played with and messed up.
All fear based and well just plain awful. And it’s happening right on our doorstep !
If we are alive then we are already activated, we are not robots who need something adding to us, or bolts unscrewed and re screwed.
The world will not end on 21st December 2012, we are all able to go through the energy shifts taking place in the Universe at the moment, and the changes taking place in the world, we are all equipped with whatever it is we need and we are all here because we are meant to be here, right now at this time.
All you need to do is be with yourself, sit quietly and listen and you will find your peace and you will find your way through life. The answers you need will come to you, they are deep inside you, you already know them. Only you can change your life and your thoughts, no one else can do it for you.

Enjoy your life, and don’t let others run it for you, or tell you any different. Everything is happening just as it is meant.


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