So often people come to me upset with their lives, or not being true to themselves and not doing what they really want to do. Or say they say they wish they could follow a more spiritual path but their life/family/commitments etc doesn’t allow it. We can all be spiritually aware and incorporate into our lives and there is no need for excuses, we are all spiritual beings we just seem to forget it.


What I have noticed is that so often people don’t pick up on their lives and the paths they wish to follow or want to follow  because they spend the first third of their life and sometimes longer worrying about what other people think of them.

Then about twenty five years later they don’t care what people think, then in the later stages of their physical life they realise those folks weren’t thinking about them at all any way. So don’t worry what other people are thinking about you, because maybe they are not thinking about you and your life at all. Even if they are, what people think of you is their business not yours, and it shouldn’t stop you living your life to the full and being the spiritual being you are and want to be


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