Are you Feeling Angry ?

We live in an angry world. Everywhere I go I see situations of anger and frustration. Anger is so destructive on yourself and those around. When we live in anger nothing will ever seem right, or go right.

In My Book ‘Comfy Slippers and an Cup Of Tea’ available on Amazon

I have written two Chapters on Anger, Dealing with Anger and Transforming Anger.

Here is an excerpt from the Chapter ‘Transforming Anger’ …

Do not put your anger on to someone else in any way, shape or form. This in itself can cause untold problems and the person on the receiving end will suffer for something he or she may have no knowledge about. No matter how rational that person is, the situation could get out of control because they will naturally tend to defend themselves.

So breathe deep and manage your anger rather than express it directly. When you are angry your judgment will be clouded. If possible, take a bath, go for a walk, watch a movie; do whatever it takes to remove yourself from the anger provoking situation.

If circumstances allow, why not write a letter in the heat of the moment then tear it up?

This technique will help you to collect your thoughts, sharpen your focus and hopefully express your rage in a harmless way. It may be that you are feeling angry with someone because they have triggered something inside you; something you are already angry about but are suppressing; something you know to be true but have not properly dealt with. The truth often hurts!


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