Are you waiting for your life to begin ?

How often do we put things on hold, or say things like, my life will begin when/or
I will be happy when I have lost weight
I have paid all my debts
I own a house
When the kids are grown up and through school
When I get a better a job etc,
The list is endless and full of excuses.

Recently someone wrote to me the following and I thought it so perfectly true of so many people :-

”For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin” Real life!
But there was always some obstacle in the way,
Something to be gotten through first,
Some unfinished business,
Time still to be served,
or a debt to pay.
Then life would begin.

In the end I realised,
These obstacles were my life!’

Such true wise words! Realisation finally arriving.
It also made me think about my own procrastination and excuses.

Your life is just that… ‘Your life’!…this is not a dress rehearsal it is the actual thing, This is it!
Only you can make it what you want. Only you can make you happy.
You will get from life what you put into it.

Why do you delay your happiness or the enjoyment of life until some other day, the day that never comes as some other obstacle will be your excuse?

We don’t know when our last day will be, it can be over in a second with no warning.

What would you like written as your epitaph?…’He/She was waiting for their life to begin ?’

Are you waiting for your life to begin or are you living it?

Best wishes

Julie Lomas


  1. Tony

    Thank you for starting your blog again Julie, a weekly reminder to all of us to live the life we have ???

    1. Julie Lomas

      thank you 🙂

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