Detachment does not mean you don’t care

To detach from a situation does not mean you don’t care about it or what is going on around you or in the world
Detachment does not mean you are being cold or unfeeling or you are being hard.

It just means you have learnt and know the benefits of standing back from a situation and observing for a while.

It gives you some space and time to create a measured response and not to be overruled by habitual reaction.

It stops the emotions getting out of control and allowing yourself to be dragged into situations that cause you stress and pain.

At this present time in our part of the world it is good to detach from the news and what is happening so as not to fill yourself with the fear or the worry which grows each time you think about it.

Detach, observe and give yourself will feel much better and stronger and will see things a little clearer without the high emotion.

Doing this will help reduce stressful thinking, anxiety, worry and is good for your mental and emotional health.

Try it and see..start now..start today and feel the benefits of detachment.


Julie xx




Julie Lomas

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