Disconnected from the world around us

So many people seem so disconnected from the world and those around them these days.

We seem to be divorced from nature and the wild places. I think that is really hurting us in many ways, some of which we are still figuring out. But especially in the way it’s allowed us the people to desecrate the land, sea and air, and the water we rely on for life. Infact everything around us.

It’s as if we are so connected to the phones, tablets, iPads, computers, and worrying about what everyone else is doing, thinking etc, that any sense of real connection to the planet we live on is forgotten.

This dis-connect, causes so many other issues and concerns. Mental health suffers greatly, our well-being and health suffers greatly, we suffer, the planet really suffers.

We need to reconnect; we need to take regular breaks from technology and social media. We need to get outside and notice what is around us, listen to the birds, watch the seasons change. Learn to grow our own vegetables again where possible, respect the land around us. Respect the animals, birds, bees and insects, learn their connection to our lives and how without them we will not exist. What I say seems simple and easy, it isn’t, the situation is so very complex, but at the end of the day if we don’t learn to re-connect and respect and commune with nature and the wild spaces, the sea and the air, there will not be much left, time will run out and then it will be too late.

Start today and think about your life and your disconnect and what you can do to help save this planet for the generations to come. As someone once said…someone should do something about it, well that someone starts with you, with me and everyone.

Julie x

Julie Lomas

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