Do you realise you can only change things whilst you are here ?

We all have so much to be grateful for and we all have a responsibility to our self and to all living beings on the planet to share this planet in harmony together.

We all have a tendency to put blame on others or circumstances about things we don’t like, and we often turn a blind eye on some of the more far-reaching things and pretend it is not there or just shrug our shoulders and say it’s not up to me.

But for a long time yet, there will be things not to like in this time and this space, things such as war, discrimination, poverty, hatred, animal testing, to name a few.

But do you realize, that only while you’re here, on this planet can you do anything about them?

That we all have to take responsibility and that for change to ever come it has to start somewhere, so why not in your time and your own space?

So, stop blaming and start doing and start changing what you don’t like, from now, no more excuses! Do it with love, you will be surprised how quickly then things can change, at least in your own environment.

Start today, today is all we have.

Julie Lomas




Julie Lomas

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