Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

An almost guaranteed way of creating, inadequacy, sadness and unhappiness for ourselves is when we compare ourselves with others.  We see the ‘perfect lives’ the ‘successful lives’ that everyone seems to live and be sharing on social media, Facebook, Instagram etc. We don’t see their despair, or unhappiness, anxiety, illness, anger, loneliness, etc because  they only share the good and very often the fake.

When we compare ourselves to others we forget our own uniqueness and we start to create the unhealthy habit of putting ourselves down.  This then causes us to start to lose our self-esteem and self-worth. We start to think we are not good enough, not deserving or even a failure, sadness and discontent usually follows. Then the temptation is to want to become like someone else, which is impossible, thereby generating the emotion of frustration.  So it’s probably a good idea to give up social media, reality shows, the gossip columns and the magazines filled with the ‘perfect’ lives of others.  At least until you can restore your self-worth and to remember that you are enough and that your life path is different from everyone else’s.

Don’t  compare yourself to others, you really don’t know what battles they are facing and everyone has their own battles, they usually just don’t show them on social media. Just look at yourself in the mirror each day and say ‘I Am enough’ ‘I Am everything I need to be’, then breathe it in,  believe it and go about your own life in your own unique way.

Julie Lomas

Julie Lomas


  1. Judith Power

    Absolutely. Everyone is unique. XX

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