Don’t over Think

One of the most stressful things we do to ourselves is over-thinking, especially too much thinking about others: What they did, what they should do, what they should have done, what they said, what you wished they had said, why they spoke at all.

All of these thoughts steal from our mind its calm and peace, agitates us and causes us un-reasonable stress. Thinking too much is like eating too much, it makes us heavy and often weary and tired.

We get stuck on little things, of what we think was said, or the imagined slight against us etc  and gradually the little things become huge things which we cannot shake off. Often when we think too much we fantasize and overreact. Thus we create the negative thoughts, feelings and the stress.

So instead of over thinking and over analaysing and feeding our self a dose of self-made poison, let it go. Think about it for a moment or two, acknowledge it for what it is, then come back to a place of calm, in the present. Breathe deeply a few times and change your thought to a positive one. Change the programme in your head and your life will become less stressful. Don’t over think.

Julie Lomas

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