Food For Thought – Your Unique Place in Life

Everyone including me and you has a song in their heart, their own personal unique and beautiful song.
Everyone has a reason for being here, for everyone is unique and has a part to play in the world and the jigsaw of life.
Everyone has a chance to make a wonderful contribution, their unique contribution to life, the world, the planet…for everything thing we do counts, it is part of the energy of us all.
No one knows what that is, or when it is, or what it is or will be for anyone else, it is no one else’s business…
Only our own heart and soul,knows what and when it is for us, our individual unique self.

Ask yourself , What makes your heart and soul sing and dance ….. then think and listen… don’t be in a hurry to answer it.
You may have to live in the question for a day, a week, a month, maybe longer until your heart speaks too you, remember to connect to it and invite it to speak to you ! then listen and feel and acknowledge.
Then when the times comes (and it will) and you are sure what your heart is saying is true then begin to make the changes necessary in your life so that you can sing your own song..your unique song and be you.


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