How to feel better in 2022

As we all enter the New Year 2022, Many people make New Year’s resolutions. Meaning to start the New Year with fresh energy and ideas etc, to bring new energy and things to their lives, to be more positive, set and achieve goals and dreams. New Year, New energy! New Person

The energies of life though come to meet us at every moment. Most come from other people who, are either in the same room, near us or on the flickering, technicolor screens and tablets and smart phones with which we now share most of our lives and homes.

The vast majority of these energies are not positive. So how do we handle ‘The Negatives’, whether it’s someone’s attitude, their hurtful gestures or our daily dose of world violence and mayhem on the flickering screens and the media onslaughts.

The Covid Pandemic has caused mass change and hysteria, it has filled us with fears. So many have lost loved ones, their jobs their homes, their ways of life. Conspiracy theories, anti-vaxers, and the vaccinated all shouting for their voices and rights to be heard. Our lives have for almost two years been turned upside down, we have had to adapt to new ways imposed on us for our safety, for our well-being, to stop the health systems becoming over whelmed. It has bought out the best and the worst of humanity and the energy has fueled our fears, the uncertainty, not being able to plan ahead, or knowing if we do make a plan it can be changed in moments. Humans in general do not do well in uncertainty.

The world seems so full of negativity and the TV, reporters and journalists seem to only dwell on it and fill our homes and lives with it. They, it seems are deciding that this is what we all want to hear and see. Negativity sells airspace and time, so if no one listens or watches they will one day have to change their ways and maybe feed the positive instead. They have fed the fear of Covid, they have fed our fears.  We will learn how to live with Covid, humanity will come through it, it always does. So turn off the Media. do what is right for you and your loved ones. Let’s stop feeding the negativity around it and us.

So how can we help ourselves to feel better in this New Year ?

First, do not absorb it,  don’t be an emotional sponge. Switch the flickering screens off!

Avoid where possible people who you know will upset you, or are angry, negative, bitter or even hate filled people.

When people are negative or hateful to you, do not reflect it back. Otherwise you begin a cycle of emotional exchanges which may last a long time and grow the negativity on all levels.

Do the one thing which marks us as intelligent human beings – transform it!

Even if the scene is a disaster there is some benefit somewhere in it. Out of chaos always comes good.

If you are watching two people’s beliefs or opinions slug it out to the edge of violence, don’t take sides.

Instead if possible offer a solution then stand well back. Do not get involved on who is right and who is wrong, don’t grow the anger, don’t grow the fears.

If the person hates you, accept their state of being, that’s their choice, just return to a place of peace and love, send them love back

In time, with patience, it will illuminate their darkness. Just wait.

Start the New Year, in love, be the love and do not grow or feed the negativity around you. Peace will come but it starts within, and these little steps all help as their ripples spread.

Happy New Year to you all, may it be a year of peace and calm love and happiness.


Julie xx

Julie Lomas

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