Live life with your Values

We are all artists of our own life and we have a blank canvas each day to re-create, change and paint our own life, how we wish to live, our thoughts and values.                                                                                    Only when we paint our own life are we are truly creative and can truly be our self and live the life we want.

We may not be always aware of it, but as human beings love, peace and happiness are some of our deepest values.
You experience what you live, think and do.

If peace is something you value, then think how will you live peacefully today ? If you want peace in your life… give it and you’ll live it.
Or do you prefer a bit of anger and stress….?

Paint a little peace, love and wisdom into your life today. If you do, and you make it a regular activity, the giving is automatic and the living of it becomes easy!

Love Julie xx

Julie Lomas

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