Live your life no one else’s

Many people spend most of their life trying to live someone else’s life and I am sure we are all guilty of it in some way at times of our lives. (I see it so often with parents and their grown up children).

As human beings we are great fixers and as we watch others we can hear ourselves attempting to ‘sort them out’.

We hear it in our conversations with others and with ourselves. It sounds like, “They shouldn’t, or weren’t they awful, or did you hear about so and so, or did you see what they did, or in my opinion they/you  “should”…to name a few examples.

In these moments we waste time and even our life trying to write the life script of others and forget to write our own. We have no right to write another’s life script and any attempt to do so is futile, frustrating and doomed to failure.

So let be and taste the freedom from the subtle tensions and anxieties about others by letting them write their own life. You may not agree with what they are doing but have you thought they may not agree with what you are doing ? why do you know better than them?

Don’t miss your life by trying to live someone else’s life. You and only you are qualified to walk your path and live your life, just as others are the only ones qualified at walking their own path and living their own life.

Don’t waste your life trying to live another’s…! Live your own life and be free !

Julie Lomas

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