Lost In the Mind of Thought


So many of us spend so much time thinking, but never really getting much done

Thinking about what if, and possible scenarios of happenings in our lives, most of which will never happen, cluttering our mind with constant chatter and noise.

Or we constantly think as this keeps our mind occupied and stops us dealing with other issues within emotional and mental spheres of our life. It keeps us in a constant state of un relaxation, agitation, stress.

Being lost in thought, thinking about things to do, what’s been done, what could have been done, is not only tiring and draining on us, but it is also an excellent way to waste our time and energy.

It diminishes your peacefulness and clouds your clarity.

Every time you become lost in thought it means exactly that, you are lost!

To find yourself, allow your mind to become quiet, to become peaceful.  In the quiet depths of yourself, there is a stillness that contains a deep inner peace and wisdom that can guide you in your life.

It will bring you to a calmer peaceful place, you will see life in an easier, more peaceful way.

Why not make a point of doing this as the New Year begins and resolutions are made. Find time each day even for 10 minutes to sit quietly and allow yourself, your mind to become quiet. It could make a whole lot of difference to your life.

Good Luck

Julie xx

Julie Lomas


  1. Cecile

    Very sound advice as usual, my dear Julie

    1. Julie Lomas

      Thank you 🙏

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