Media Distancing is good for you

We are all living in a challenging, life changing time.

What we need to do is to find peace inside ourselves, accept that we can not change the situation.                                                       Trying to fight it, is pointless and will just cause you stress .

Embrace the change if you can, in whatever small way you can .

Don’t be fed on the negativity around, it feeds the fears with-in us.
Turn off the TV, turn off the news, stop reading the newspapers and online news channels .

Instead look at the positives in your life , look at the blue sky, watch the birds, look at the flowers , feel the wind in your hair or on your face , notice nature, breathe it in and believe. This anxious time will pass.

Change is often difficult, this particular huge and unexpected change is exceptionally challenging and scary.
We are all in unknown waters, but there will be a way through, life will be different, already is,                                                                  we just have to keep going through, believing it will be ok.

After all we all know,
All storms run out of rain.
And the sun always shines again .

Julie xx

Julie Lomas

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