No Violence starts with-in

I believe in my heart that no one likes violence, even though as I look around the world seems full of violence.

Every time you read the newspapers, watch the TV, and even the children’s as well as adults computer games, violence seem to sadly be the way of life.
Yet it shouldn’t be, for the energy of violence is so destructive when used constantly.

If we look at nature, we may have a violent storm, or a violent volcanic eruption, but then peace comes after it, and silence and re growth.

Sometimes there has to be some violence to bring on change or to clear the stagnant energy.

But when you live surrounded in constant violence and encouraged even from a child to be violent and then grow up thinking this is the norm it is not a healthy state.

Yet only we can change it…
Non-violence is a very deep philosophy. Not only does it require you/me to harm no one physically, but also to avoid harming anyone’s self respect. Such an ethic and way of life requires tremendous awareness and sensitivity.
As always, as with everything it starts with the self!
When you and I have learned to be gentle with ourselves, then we can be the same with others.

It all starts within!

Be gentle with yourself and feel the peace..let’s start to make that difference now.

Julie Lomas

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