Remember those less fortunate

At this Christmas time and season of goodwill to all,
being celebrated in much of the world for its message of hope and love
And a time which is meant to be spent with families and loved ones
Let’s remember those less fortunate than ourselves…

Those who cannot be at home for many reasons…work, financial means, imprisonment , other commitments to name a few
The Soldiers and the Sailors, away preserving our freedom
The Sailors at sea who bring vital supplies around the world year round

Those trying to get home and whose plans were scuppered due to the weather conditions and disruptions, war, etc

Let’s also remember those who have no home to go to…the many refugees around the world, the homeless…the lost

The very sick, the orphans and the lonely..

Give thought to those less fortunate and give gratitude for what you do have and the fact you have the freedom to be doing what you are doing at that moment.

Instead of being angry and irritable at the travel disruptions, the weather, the queues, the lack of communications etc, just for a moment before you react, take a deep breath and smile….smile at yourself….smile at the person next to you, the person opposite you, the person causing you to feel as you do…see how a smile can suddenly change the atmosphere and make you and those who see it feel better, in an instant, Smile with your eyes and your whole face and mean it!

Let this season of goodwill spread and last not just today or the next few days but let it last the whole year through and beyond.

I wish you all and all your loved ones good tidings of love and joy, memories and beautiful friendships to last a life time.

Blessings to all
Julie xx

Julie Lomas

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