Ripple and Effect

We receive back whatever we put out. So if you go through your life being grumpy and bad tempered you will receive that energy back always, as that is what you will attract.

Try this experiment today. If you go to work, or even in the home place or shopping mall, wherever you go today, enter with a straight face,  as you meet others who have a similar kind of straightness or tenseness  on their face, force yourself to smile.

Then watch the other person return the smile, perhaps not to the same extent or for so long, or even immediately, but it will happen.

This is the absolute and often instant proof of the ‘ripple and reflect effect’. You get back whatever you put out.

We innately know this, but we forget it and then wonder why everyone seems to give us a straight or a grumpy face on a regular basis.

So once you are used to smiling at all those straight or grumpy looking people, learn to make the smile more real, deeper, smilier! It will become easier and you will also feel better with in.

Where does a real smile begin? It comes from the heart.

Can you smile at will from the heart? If not why not?

It would be good to find out why not sooner than later, because you will carry on living an unsmiling /happier life if you don’t find out what is stopping your heart reaching your face!

No one else is responsible for your happiness or your heart, there’s only you in there!

So don’t go blaming others if you are not radiating from head and heart and people around you seem to be as straight, grumpy and maybe as miserable as you are.

Ask yourself, what’s blocking it? take your time, look in, listen in and see.

Smile…choose to be happy and remember always you will receive back what you reflect.

If you are in need book a coaching or therapy session and let’s discuss it and how to go forward.

Julie Lomas

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