Stop Trying Start Doing

So often I hear people or they say to me, they wish their life was different.  They wish they could do other things, move jobs, leave an unfulfilling relationship, travel, lose weight, write a book, go to university, etc.  Many say they know their lives are boring and will never get better, that life is hard and not meant to be easy.

I see people struggling all the time. Going through the motions of living, but not really living just existing. Not truly aware of their surroundings. Waking up each day and just going through the motions and routine of the day, not fully present, thinking about all that needs to be done, yet not even noticing the basic things around them, numb in their existence, numb to their unhappiness, numb to their own life.

Yet there is so much to be grateful for, just waking up each morning is itself a beautiful miracle.

Yet how many take time each day to be grateful, to look at the sky, to breathe the air, to look at their surroundings, notice the trees, listen to or watch the birds and they are everywhere even in high rise concrete jungles. How many look at the night sky, the moon, notice the other people around them, even their own children?.


Are they living life from our true source? Or are they asleep or pretending that they are just human beings and not totally responsible for their lives and choices? Are you one of these people?


The jigsaw of life is about freedom of choice every moment. No matter what our situation is, it is what we chose to think and how we react that makes the difference to our life.


We can choose to soar to great and happy heights and create heaven on earth, or we can choose to be victims of circumstances and be miserable, unhappy, or never do anything.


As we think so we are. We create our own realities. We can be happy or we can be sad, it is our choice. We can make the changes needed or we can stay where we are!

So stop playing the ‘Blame Game’, take responsibility for your life. When you play the blame game remember when you point a finger three point back at yourself.

Raise your energy and vibration, feel love and purpose in your heart and go forward. Everyday put a smile on your face you will be surprised how quickly you will feel better. Fake it until you make it,  if you really need too. Smile at yourself in the mirror every morning, it is a start! Smile from your heart!


As Yoda said, “there is no try, only do.” Try is word that should not be used at least 95% of the time. To say you will ‘Try’ usually means you are setting yourself up for failure or to not do, so instead of saying ‘Try’ say I will or I can !

When people say to me in my therapy room ‘I will try’, I know 95% of the time they won’t. They want me to do their change for them! Yet they are the only person who can make any change in their life! Even in the way they think!


As Joe Namath once said “If you are not willing to go all the way in life, why bother to go at all”  It is something to think about!


Life can be and is a great adventure, it can be happy and full filling sometimes challenging and there will always be a mixture of sadness and happiness that’s a healthy life. When we have had a difficult time we will then really appreciate the good.  Or life can be boring, miserable and drudgery. In fact it can be anything you choose or make it to be because you create your own reality out of your thoughts, consciousness and actions.                                                                                                                                  A negative mind will never give you a positive life. A positive mind will always bring you more positivity.

There will be times in life when you are sad and rightfully so, but staying forever in that sadness is not a healthy choice as then it will grow to being much more than sadness. However this is a whole other topic.


Let’s start the change in the world, by starting the change on yourself, your life and around you. Stop the insanity of surrounding yourselves with all the negativity the media spews out at us, turn off the news, stop watching the violence on the big and little screen, stop reading the newspapers, stop spending time with negative people,  don’t take part in violent sports and events. Start creating; start believing in a better, happier world and a happier life. You will be surprised how quickly your life will change direction, and how your mind will start to clear and your thoughts and emotions will improve. Be grateful, serve others and be kind.


It’s time for us to wake up and go back to living the basic principles of a creative and spiritual truth and life. To become more at one with the world we live in.

It’s time to stop blaming and finger pointing and forgive ourselves.  It’s time to start fresh and clean up our act.


It is time to start taking responsibility and being the change you want to see, to make your own life and the world a better happier place for yourself and for your children and their children.


It all starts with ‘YOU’ so stop ‘trying’ and start ‘doing’ and you will see the change much quicker than you think.



Step in to Action

  • In you Journal write down all the things you would e to do in your life, or see happening in your life.
  • Write down your moods, questions why you are miserable, why you are so tired, why you think life is drudgery.
  • When was the last time you smiled, or thought positive thoughts?
  • If you are always negative, question why, then think two positive thoughts.
  • Look in the mirror every morning and smile even if you don’t feel like smiling do it
  • Smile at your family and your co workers, fake it until you really feel you want to do!
  • If there are things in your life that you want to do, that are possible to do now then do them!
  • If you want to lose weight then Instead of ‘Trying do it! Go to a professional for help on it.
  • Take the word ‘try’ out of your vocabulary. Every time you say ‘try’ change it instantly to ‘I will do’! Ask your friends and family to help with that, to stop you every time you say it.
  • Remove yourself from negative people and situations
  • If you still have problems book a session with me or a a qualified life coach and work on your issues.
  • Read my book Comfy Slippers and a Cup of Tea,  for simple steps to help you live a better happier life.

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