Taking your personal power back

There is a misconception that change must take years, months or weeks .

But the truth is, it takes the moment we decide to be different, to be better,

To change what we no longer want, to love more and to not let your past stop you.

Remember this

You are not the stories of your past !

You are not a prisoner of your past, unless you want to be.

You are responsible for your future and your own life

Your personality is not who you were.

You are who you decide to be right now, in this moment.

We are so powerful, our minds are so powerful, if only we would allow ourselves to be.

Perhaps we are sacred of our own personal power.

I sometimes think we are, because if we acknowledge our own power then,

we would start to wonder why we are where we are, and why we have chosen what we have chosen in life.

We would question ourselves as to why we haven’t used our personal power  to make the life we really would like. This could cause us to experience many mixed emotions.

Perhaps we are afraid that if we acknowledge for whatever reason, whatever excuses we have filled our minds with, stories that we have told ourselves we have let go of our power and is the reason we are not where we would like to be .

Take your power back and chose to be who you want to be now! There is nothing to stop you, only your own fears and your own excuses.

Start the change now.

If you are afraid or don’t know how to start then find a good life coach, book an appointment and you have made the first step into taking your power back.

You can also always book an online session with me . Just message me or book on the website

Good Luck


Julie Lomas

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