The first step of ‘change’

So often I hear people telling me they want to change but don’t know how…

The very first step in making any change is believing that you can change !

Unfortunately, most people don’t believe that they can change. Many say I am too old to change…I can’t change..

Perhaps they’ve tried before and failed, or they’re surrounded by people who don’t believe they can change either, basically, their environment is not setting them up to be successful…as they have inbuilt false  belief systems and often people around them who also say the same…so they support the false theory of I can’t change…it won’t change..etc..

Change is not always easy…and often the obstacles are large, but they are there so we can learn as we go, and too make us see how badly we want and need to change.

Change is not about actions.. The actions of quitting smoking, leaving a relationship, losing weight, etc are easy.

It’s the emotions that get in the way in the form of excuses….I’m too old…. I’m too young… it’s going to take time…it’s going to be painful, it’s going to cost money….someone’s going to be upset…it’s not my nature and so on.

People need to become honest and true to themselves and ask themselves, ‘What’s the excuse I keep clinging to’?  Most likely, that excuse is what’s stopping them /you from believing in yourself and ultimately, from making that change that you so want to make or need to make.

Be honest today and start that change…painful as it maybe it will be worth it in the end..honesty in any form is the best policy for a happier life….be honest and truthful with yourself and you are honest and truthful to all those around you and the world..

Julie Lomas

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