This Week’s Food For Thought – A Simple Life

Life these days seem to be so hectic and so communication orientated, fast paced and instant responses expected that everything gets confused so easily and peoples.
Complications seem to be an inevitable by-product of modern living.

And yet it is simplicity that gives birth to inspirations and great ideas, and most importantly peace of mind and an inner stillness.

Have you ever noticed how the simple things are the more powerful things. There is so much strength in simplicity, and yet the human being wants to make everything complicated in the belief if something is complicated then it must be more powerful be able to do more.

By keeping your own mind calm and clear is the easiest method to sort out messy or complicated  situations. It helps you to think clearly, and find the wisdom within to be able to respond or handle any situation that occurs.

Maintaining a balance of a simple yet comfortable life and only using what you really need of the earth’s resources, you will always have abundance in your life. You will always feel comfortable and you will find the peace with-in more easily.

Simple really when you think about it.

Simply with love until next week


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