This Week’s Food For Thought – A Smile

It does feel good to smile, even if a brief second.

We all know and remember a person who is always smiling, someone whose heart seems to radiate through their smile and their whole being, a genuine smiley person.

Have you noticed that when they smile at you, (or if anyone genuinely smiles at you) it is almost impossible not to smile back, unless of course you are in a very irritable and grumpy mood.

If you don’t feel a smile coming on, why not do it anyway. It costs you nothing but it can give so much.
It also can create an inner chemical production  of hormones which when work together make you feel happy, ‘Happy Hormones’
Most people at the end of your smile will smile back, it is an almost automatic response.

And if you really don’t genuinely feel like smiling at life and everybody, try faking it until you do, it’s amazing how it will shift your mood, and how infectious it is, try it and see!

More smiling people in the world will make the world a better place, or at least your corner of the world.

A smile is infectious, it lights up your face, your eyes, your aura and the energy around you.

It can mean so much to someone, it can change a person’s mood and even a person’s life at the receiving end of it.

Surely it is better to be known as a smiley happy person, than a grumpy one

Keep smiling!


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